The Golden Foot

Over a year and a half ago, that's when I completed this entry for my old blog. I sit here, listening to my songs, and thinking back on the wonderful experience that was to watch the World Cup last year, to have shared that with people close to me in real life, and those... Continue Reading →

Waiting For Her

I should be embarrassed to share this with you. In fact, I am, a little bit. Oh well, it's not as though you know my real name or can laugh directly to my face. The tricky dichotomy is that I love my thoughts on the fictitious relationship between a woman and her small man, but... Continue Reading →

Let's pretend you want to stop eating meat

If you would just stop screaming I would explain that I only want to share a delicious recipe. See, I have nothing against the death of another living creature so I may roast, boil, fry it, and eat it. When I was six years old I had a pet chicken (the sort that you get... Continue Reading →

How does a little man eat his Reeses?

I'm going to repost something from my ex-blog, because I'm lazy... * * * * * Back when I spent some time looking for collaging material last year and during the beginning of this year, one of the image sources I chose was Flickr. I like to use those that members specify can be modified,... Continue Reading →

Fake movie posters

I had fun creating these for an image (collage) contest at I didn't win (except in my heart, of course), but I didn't care. The other contestants came up with some really fabulous entries, and when the time came to vote, I didn't choose one of mine. Here are my entries: 1,880 one was... Continue Reading →

What to do with $10,000

It's 5:22 in the morning, and I can't find my copy of The Bachman Books. I know I bought it years ago for $4.00, and I know I read it, but somewhere along the line it got gone. So I've been looking for it, and instead found a bag of bubble wrap I somehow have... Continue Reading →

Book (and magazine) covers

Speaking of books, there are a few book covers out there that call my attention because of their design. In September of last year I posted the image above in my old blog, no title, no clues, and I asked members to tell me what they thought it represented. I used any excuse to play... Continue Reading →

When I love to get mail

When the year began I made the resolution of not buying any more books for a while. The foundation for that decision was the amount of books I already have that I have not yet started to read, and a desire to keep a bit more money in my wallet. I have failed. There's always... Continue Reading →

That thing about buildings…

I love buildings. I'm fond of architectural structures in general as I believe most people have been since the dawn of time, as the clear efforts to make the solid shapes that surround us show. It's in my blood too, as some of my early reading material included my dad's then nearly undecipherable issues of... Continue Reading →

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