Sometimes I just get lucky…

Don’t be afraid, little guy.

For example, when I’m looking for image elements to collage, and I find something that looks like it would go great with something else. Yes, that’s very specific, but people that enjoy wasting their time as I do collaging giant women and tiny men know of what I speak. We find stuff rummaging through the Internet, and often by chance, but the things we stumble upon are solitary characters that need a lot of work to represent the ideas in our crazy heads.

In this particular case I saw the above photo of Sebastian Rulli (I had to look at the collage’s raw elements to remember his name), a South American actor that appears in telenovelas, but none I have ever watched. The composition of the original picture was great. All those rocks that provided ample play of light and shadow; Mr. Rulli’s posture; that facial expression that conveys that near fear combined with a curiosity that acts as the hindrance to the fleeing impulse one would think all that are faced with a giantess would possess; all of those factors made it an excellent background.

That’s all it was until I found the hand at Giantess City, in a forum where members provided collaging material. I wish I could remember the name of the member that took pictures of his girlfriend’s hand so that we could do this sort of thing to them. That way I could thank him directly. But I’ll do it here. Thank you, member of the Giantess City board, whose user name may or may not have contained the word “burger”, or maybe “nacho”! :)

For the thousands of men and three to twelve women that get this, the idea of being in the palm of a giant woman’s hand* reaches rather high in the Pretty Dang Fabulous side of the Squirtmeter, just so y’all normal, conventional, not-ever-thinking-about-giantesses people know.

*Or being the giantess that possesses that palm.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I just get lucky…

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  1. His eyes were the first thing that grabbed my attention in this. More specifically, the look together with the expression on his face…eyebrows appear a bit raised, the angle of his gaze, the slightly open mouth…caught here in stilled action because it’s a photograph…but I imagine even in real time movement, his gaze and that expression would be frozen for several moments in a complexity of fear, wonder and astonishment in what he sees.

    And then to take in the rest of his body’s language, braced into the rock-side as he is, his right leg lifted, pointing in the direction of his possible movement…and yet his gaze, his mind, his senses are alert to her….his mind controlling, stalling his body’s message to escape…”no”, his mind conducts him to remain in control and steady the rest of his emotions for the moment. “learn, discover, understand.”

    His gaze says so much. Fear I agree, and also I see his look is one of searching, of wonder. “Who are you? Where did you come from? How is it possible you’re so tall? You lay your hand before me…if I step into it…will you be gentle, will I be safe?”

    His body braced as it is, gives me the impression he is startled and at war in his emotions…his gaze upon her, his mind in control and seeking with his eyes…an answer that will calm his body’s natural instinct to fear a being so much bigger than himself. And yet he stays his ground and as I see, accepts her hand as his platform of rescue from that high rock ledge. He will look to her hand and see the open cup of it and trust it as a gesture of gentle kindness, of rescue, of interest to learn more of him…so small to her…and he too, so eager to learn of her…so very tall!

    This is such a lovely collage! So well done, the gaze of him just perfect and the expression, priceless! I wouldn’t call it *lucky*….in finding the right element(s), because I think you very nearly always have an initial idea in your mind of what you want to create…and I think at least, that you find these elements because you have an innate awareness of what you need to complete what your mind sees…and so, when you DO find it…you know it will work with other elements you’ve gathered. Then too, lucky is good! ☺

    I can’t wait for your next addition!

    Your littlesquid


  2. Hey! I don’t think you are allowed to leave a comment longer than my entry! It makes me look bad, so cut it out. :)

    What I really mean to say is thank you, and while I’d like to say that I do have an innate awareness of what I need to complete as I collect collage elements instead of revealing that I mostly find images because of dumb luck since it’s impossible for me to recall all the pieces of collage puzzles I have that need this or that part to be complete… er, yeah, I’m gonna go with the innate awareness. That’s what I have. Uh-huh. Saying that makes me look good.

    I do love the way the giantess is “out of the picture”, allowing the viewer to imagine what she looks like, to picture the expression in her eyes. Is she kind? Is there a mischievous gleam he could see if only the sun wasn’t behind her head, hiding it? What will she do with him? To him? How long til she makes a dishonest man outta him?

    Fun stuff.


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