Drop and give me twenty!

Gimme 20This was one of those few collages I created just because I had the materials, and they were there, and I thought I might as well collage them, since they weren’t going anywhere. I don’t like that female leg just floating there as though it’s disembodied and sentient at the same time, but the original background only included one leg.

I do like the idea of a woman supervising the health and physical well being of the shrunken man in her possession. She makes sure he gets good food, fresh air, and plenty of exercise. From that line of thought I figured she might make things harder for him during push-ups, just because… well, because she can.

The same goes from the perspective of a giantess. If a woman with legs twice as long as the natural height of your body tells you it’s time to get up and start your morning workout, you can be sure there’s nothing you can’t accomplish when a giantess puts your mind to it.

And if she decides to take things up to a different level by increasing the weight resistance against which you must struggle, what can you possibly do about that, except protest in interesting ways? :)

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