The reason David Boreanaz is such a cool guy

But of course he climbed up the chair all by himself!Well, I haven’t met Mr. Boreanaz, and I don’t intend to, as I’m not one of those crazy people that want to be introduced to those they watch on TV or wants to share a meal with dead folks. The point is, I don’t know that he really is cool, but that smidgen of faith in humanity tells me it’s likely he belongs to the percentage of people on Earth that wants nice things to happen to self and others.

Once I’ve gotten that point out of the way, I will say that I don’t have cable, nor do I want to have cable. Most programming is a tremendous waste of time, and if I spent the $70 a month Time-Warner would want me to shell out for their repetitive transmissions of visual pollution, I’d consider myself a fool.

But I do love Bones.

Back when I got cable hooked up so I could watch the World Cup and cheer for my country’s team until I lost my voice, I caught sight of a new show that had to do with forensic anthropology, which I find fascinating. Say you die, and I really hope you don’t, but let’s imagine you do. I think if you met a foul end by someone’s hand, who then proceeded to hide your mortal coil in a place that made it difficult to find, it’s wonderful that there are people in this world qualified to tell many things about your remains, if they happen to consist mostly (or completely) of your skeleton.

Why is it wonderful? Because then it might be possible to catch the bad guy that hid your body so that the flesh and [what they thought was] all evidence of foul play would disappear. Because ever since I can remember I have always loved it when the bad guy gets it. The bad guy getting his just desserts is the foundation for my childhood fantasy of being either a vampire, or a sniper.

David Boreanaz plays Seeley Booth, who catches these bad guys with the help of a forensic anthropologist, whom he calls “Bones”. When I started watching the show I thought of finding material to create giantess (or shrunken men) collages of both actors, and found that D. B. happens to make for nice photo ops. There’s something about the way he poses and adjusts his body in front of the camera that winds up as Google image search results I have been able to use in several collages.

Obviously that’s his mission in life. 🙄

How I learned to stop worrying and love all sizes.
Half-sized man or: How I learned to stop worrying and love all sizes.

2 thoughts on “The reason David Boreanaz is such a cool guy

  1. Well I’ve never seen “Bones”, so I cannot say for the coolness of the show or the cool actor guy you mention. But…I CAN say that you’ve shared with me some aspects of the show and the person whom it’s based upon in part…and in that respect…of what you’ve shared with me…it sounds to be indeed very interesting!

    The collage (Waiting) is wonderful as I’ve already discussed with you. The story *shhhh* you told me, between us, loving and beautiful. Your attention to detail in your crafting of this collage, always as I feel…right on the lofty summit of perfection. Shadowing, the setting, the elements put together with such care and detail so realistic. You do so create such realism, emotion and feeling in your art.

    And what you’ve shared with me about forensic anthropology is indeed intriguing. It’s amazing how science has evolved to the levels it has in terms of being able to solve hidden, unsolved mysteries, whether they be for crime investigation or of historical nature…as with things such as carbon dating, dna testing and other scientific researchical studies (is that a word?…I think not!)…well I’m venturing into territory I know nothing about. I agree with your sentiment though…it IS fascinating technology.

    And the second collage (Shy)…is beautiful as well. Loving and touching, romantic and you and I know of the beautiful story it tells. You have such wonderful artistic talent and I hope you’ll keep on bringing to such gorgeous life, the images and stories you think about!!

    Another absolutely wonderful post!

    Your little squid


  2. Thank you!

    Forensic Anthropology is fascinating. While it pulsated behind my posting this entry, what I was thinking about while working on both collages had nothing to do with it, as you know.

    I never get tired of that story that unfolds while I’m tending to layers, applying filters, cutting off pixels, moving selections, doing all that takes me from point A to the point B of a finished image. There’s [almost] always the beginning of a love story, or a tale of lust, or an amusing event that takes place in a minute, hour, or day in the life of a man and a much taller woman that casts a wide shadow over him.

    The short story you wrote for “Shy” was phenomenal, but I’ve told you that before. 🙂


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