That thing about buildings…

Hello, Little Ones

I love buildings. I’m fond of architectural structures in general as I believe most people have been since the dawn of time, as the clear efforts to make the solid shapes that surround us show. It’s in my blood too, as some of my early reading material included my dad’s then nearly undecipherable issues of Architectural Digest, and I sometimes had the delight of seeing him at work, where he was constantly surrounded by blueprints and maquettes, or walking around construction sites, issuing instructions and orders.

Decades later I’m searching the Internet as I try to understand my thoughts regarding giantesses and shrunken men, when I stumble upon the first images of a giantess doing intimate things to a building. I can best sum up my initial feelings regarding such collages with the following image.

El Horror

But I understood then as I do now if only slightly better, that as easily gathered as we all are by our common enjoyment of size differences, the visions we enjoy—even when they are about the same exact thing—can be experienced at opposite corners of our minds.

A perfect example of those opposing corners is the building thing. Some people like to view those collages, and I prefer the idea of walking by buildings, or over them, or using them as sitting furniture. Screwing them? I’ll pass.

I didn’t make my feelings known at any board aside from some vague references and smilies and veiled comments and badly hidden remarks, but now that I have my own blog I can publish a daily manifesto of my abhorrence for the building thing and there ain’t a bloody thing anyone can do about it.

An entire life of looking at my surroundings to find man-made shapes to admire, of taking the time during holiday vacations to visit houses, buildings, churches that were magnificently shaped, of going out for rides with my family just to “look at the pretty houses”, of equating the advancement of a society with its conquering the land both horizontally and vertically… I simply can’t, or won’t put that together with the enjoyment of gentle, sweet, romantic visions of being a giantess.

The building thing just doesn’t jive. I guess having parts of my anatomy that can relate to how that would feel makes my girls shrink at the very idea, and to celebrate that horror, last year I created the silly gif file above.

16 thoughts on “That thing about buildings…

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  1. Hi SV,

    I prefer the… “Unspeakable” done to a bus or a car.

    But I think you remember that special fantasy of mine, huh?


  2. LOL

    Oh, Taran, I haven’t been called “SV” in about a million years! Well, since December 2007, to be precise. Although I’ve abandoned the name, it feels very cool. It reminds me of GDC, and all the fun we had there.

    And I do remember that special fantasy of yours! Not as shocking as buildings, I have to say… although I do recall writing a parody of that sort of interaction for a thread many years ago. A giantess was trying to romance a car for her little guy’s pleasure, but unfortunately he had forgotten to clean off the road kill on a tire, and the hood was dirty, etc. ;)


  3. Sorry for the necro-bump.

    I just remembered that thread, ’cause it was mine.

    You tried to do “it” with a Gremlin. Fun times.


  4. There’s no such thing as necro-bumping in my blog. :)

    I wish I could skull you anyway, just for fun.

    That place was fun times. Such larks, Pip. *sigh*


  5. I’m still connected with some of ’em. Duke Nukem, Chubby McLove and AngelGiantess (she came on the board in 2007, I think…) are on Facebook, as is Oz (!) but he turned into something of a recluse, online-wise.

    Meaning I’m not connected with him…

    How about you? On Facebook, twitter, myspace or something? You have access to my e-mail (not published here), if you don’t want to tell in public, haven’t you?


  6. I’ve lost touch with most of the crowd, but that’s just the nature of things when forums vanish. I can easily understand Oz turning into an online “hermit” (as far as the giantess community might be concerned anyway), as it still boggles my mind that he put up with so much bullshit. Sometimes I visit GiantessCity and witness such stupidity I want to punch someone in the face, and I’m just a member there.

    I think it’s funny that Oz is on FB, partly because of that social network thread he created, remember it? As I wrote then, I still think MySpace is a mess, so I never joined, but I do Twitter (connected with this blog). My Facebook is 99.99% unrelated to anyone in the community. I’d rather lick a turd than mix my real life with this corner of my mind.


  7. Well, my facebook is also without any giantess-related themes.
    I mean, I’m connected with parts of my extended family there.
    But since the people of GDC I am connected with over there are intelligent enough to converse without big-girl-references, I keep the contact.

    Admin’s note: Taran, I’ve edited out your last sentence because I’m going to answer it via email.


  8. As is mine. I’m connected with nearly my entire family there, as well as childhood and newer friends. I think if I was not at all active within the giantess “theme” and I didn’t have this blog, I’d feel much easier adding people from the community to my Facebook. At this time, the gulf I want to maintain between the two is rather unsurmountable.


  9. I dunno, I have to raise a polite dissent. I would like to be a dozen floors up in an office building, I would like to watch a lovely giantess stride easily toward my building, and if I may be perfectly frank I would like to watch her straddle it and take it within her, while I’m inside, watching. I find vaginas beautiful, and to watch one at work from the inside sounds tantalizing and desirable.

    If I can have the fantasy of a giantess, I would also like the fantasy of a building that doesn’t buckle and shatter under that kind of overwhelming pressure. I’d also like to be alone in the office that day, or else with some very open-minded coworkers of the feminine persuasion. (At what point does a fantasy become absolutely unreasonable?)

    I have no problem accepting this is not everyone’s cup of tea.

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    1. I get you. But at a size where she can stick a building in her vagina, she weighs so many tenthousand tons and her muscles are so incredibly strong said building will be turned into mud.
      A giantess that size, no matter how benevolent and gentle she might be, is inherently lethal.
      Hell, my favorite giantess fantasy simply involves her walking barefoot over an abandoned traffic jam, with one car per foot. And now think about how careful you have to drive with a car through narrow city streets.
      And n o w imagine each of your bare feet was the size of a car. And then imagine the rest of your 1500 ton body.
      Now imagine a pussy that can handle a building.
      It’s fricking dangerous, that size.

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      1. Ah, the voice of reason. :D

        I’ve always loved imagining myself wearing two cars as roller skates, speeding through wide streets, a la Ginormica. That was one of my favorite parts in that movie.


        1. Unfortunately cars would flatten, even under Ginormica’s form which I’d guesstimate at around 35 tons. Maybe Obama’s “The Beast” (Cadillac One) could do that, if there were two.

          Funnily enough: I crush cars on Youtube (user: lexpro) and stepped on a Matchbox The Beast… I weigh 360+ lbs. This toy didn’t bend even a little.
          Okay, I didn’t stomp, but, damn!

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          1. Dear Taran, please stop using logic and reality to destroy my fantasies. :D

            That is AWESOME, about the Matchbox. I’ll keep that in mind when purchasing my shrunken buddy’s next vehicle. It should help with the insurance premium. $5.00, instead of $6.00.

            I got a kick out of some of your videos, when the car crushing is accompanied by real sound effects. That was fun!


  10. Thank you for this comment. It reminds me I have to compose my yearly Building Insertion by Giantess vitriol. That’ll be fun!

    Yeah, I get that it clicks for many, just like the crush thing, or the vote thing, or the diaper change thing, or the mega city destruction thing… and I can dig the full frontal frottage thing. That I understand.

    But my brain parts connected to my lady-bit parts send all manner of alarm bells when thinking of cornices and dentils and turrets and bricks… the last thing a giantess wants to do is to go to the Ob/Gyn to have a gargoyle removed. Ouch.

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    1. I get your concern, SV. Just… Your skin gets thicker. Like, 10 cm (~4 inches) at the soles of the feet at 120 feet height. Let’s say you’re 200 times your size (you could fit about 70 cars under each foot), your vaginal walls will be… 200 times their thickness at the mo.

      Basically, you could insert a cactus-style building and it wouldn’t hurt you.

      You’re a giant goddess. You can stuff anything inside you (sorry, it sounds cheap…) and it would give you a pleasant tingle.

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