Book (and magazine) covers

I hope you can fly, little bug.
I hope you can fly, little bug.

Speaking of books, there are a few book covers out there that call my attention because of their design. In September of last year I posted the image above in my old blog, no title, no clues, and I asked members to tell me what they thought it represented. I used any excuse to play games and give the gift of points—as in the “currency”.

Thinking back on it, wow, I had forgotten how much fun it was to wrap a GDC present and wait til it was opened. Yes, it was only pixels doing something here and then over there, but it was the sort of thing that made that board experience unique.

The best part of those games were the guesses, and I believe I gave points to everyone that participated without reference to how much I like their guess, or to its accuracy, or to how little they sucked as a person, or any of those preferential, unfair, completely unrelated factors that are generally present in events such as sports games and orchestra auditions.

A few days later I added my thoughts to that particular blog entry, and shared the guesses I had received. A wonderful one related a thought of “walking the plank of a giantess’ thumb, to be flicked away”. While that is the most obvious thing about the image, the idea of a plank as a final platform of a relationship between a tiny man and his ex giantess/owner was what inclined me to name it “The Plank”, but not what attracted me to the image.

I think of a tiny man set in his ways, reluctant to try new things…. Maybe he wishes to make new friends, but feels self-conscious of his size when she tries to introduce him to her own colossal guests during a gathering at home. She never sends him flying in the air, but the gentle nudging, the female support, the energetic, endless, loving guidance is always there, and always shared when she needs it in return.

And that’s something I see in the funniest guess: “it’s her right hand, which indicates that she will be flicking him towards herself based on the position of her arm, etc… maybe she likes him and this is her way of ‘making the first move’…?” How the idea of a woman encouraging a little man by thrusting him off the safe ledge of her thumb, into the air, to meet her, any part of her, at the other side, made me laugh! “I LIKE you, so OFF my thumb and INTO MY HEART you go!” *thwack* Some giant first move!

The guess that most approximated the book cover in the way that I would picture (since I love to change song lyrics to include giantess and shrinking content) was this one, tweaked from the Paul Simon tune:

-make a new plan, Pam; you don’t need to be coy, Joy, just listen to me
Point him away, Fay; there ain’t nothing to say- ay,
Just give him a flick, Chick. And set yourself free.

The image was also someone’s reminder of playing football with a folded paper football with the guys, and that’s how they used to kick field goals. That, in turn, reminded me of mini soccer on desktops during my own school years, a game that was mostly played by boys but that I also enjoyed. We’d shape our own goals with our hands, laced fingers from hands that stood on our thumbs, and from the arch of those laced fingers would come one single digit, both the player and the goalkeeper, to kick that little paper ball across the top of the desk. It was clumsy, but that’s what made it fun.

And here’s the (technically true) answer of the blog game:

Every once in a while, when I’m searching for reading material, or merely by coincidence, I’ll stumble onto book covers that are perfect handheld images. I’m not sure what school of advertisement holds that such images will make for better selling books, but hey, I’m buying.

Actually, I’m not buying any of the books, and merely downloading the covers for my own perverted uses, but then again I tend to only buy used, old, smelly books anyway.

So I found the image and added it to my collection of three. Back then I realized there were plenty more at, but the whole image watermark thing that place has going on prevents me from saving anything from there.

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  1. “I LIKE you, so OFF my thumb and INTO MY HEART you go!”

    I dunno… if some gigantic woman said that to me… I’d probably melt right in her palm. She’d have to pour me down the front of her dress, if she didn’t have a little Tupperware tub or a coffee mug right on hand. Paper towels.

    I bought Terry Brooks’s The Tangle Box specifically because it had a gigantic, beautiful woman coming out of the woods toward what looked like a normal-sized woman. I just grabbed it off the shelf and paid for it. Later I read the books that came before it and then read this book itself. I enjoyed them very much, but all I wanted was the cover.

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  2. Isn’t that something… I’ve seen that book cover before, but it does nothing to my heart. I’m thinking, if it had been a normal-sized man stumbling into that gigantic lady, then it would have hit me right in the demographic. In any case, Terry Brooks is on my to-read list. Some day I’ll get around to him.

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    1. Well, that’s the strange thing I’ve been wrestling with. My first dream was about a giantess seeking me out. My second dream was about climbing a giantess. During my temp slut career, I daydreamed about very specific giantesses crashing through the city to come rescue me.

      Yet when I write a story, scrawl out notes for a story, or even seek a video online, it’s to do with a tiny man interacting with a normal-sized woman. Maybe because I don’t like to share? A normal woman can possess me and that’s the end of the story, but if a giantess comes into town, it’s half “mad scramble against other men” and half deflecting the shame of “oh-ho, so that’s what he’s into”.

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      1. Hey, I’ve had dreams about being a giantess, and all I’m ever doing is chores. W.T.F. What a waste of a dream. And I’ve had dreams I’m sitting in front of the computer, typing away with tiny guys, and we don’t really get into discussing anything fun. Another wasted dream opportunity. I’ve even dreamed I’m the tiny person, for crying out loud. Now, that is catastrophic.

        Maybe… as I enjoy both scenarios, and I’ve been known to enjoy witnesses when I’m in the middle of being a giantess, the feeling of possession is unencumbered by those particular details. Are there any other men? I’ll reject them. Are there any other giantesses? I’ll battle and destroy them. Are there crowds of people watching us? We’ll give them a show. Something for the mad scrambling peeps to blog about.

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        1. The only reason, the only reason I wish I could cultivate lucid dreaming is so that I could explore a landscape of titanesses, or sneak about the house of a lovely woman seeking me out… or who doesn’t know of me at all. I wonder how many weeks of these dreams it would take to begin to get tired of it?

          I don’t know which is more thrilling… to finally see a giantess arrive in my city… or the thought of her actually spotting me, selecting me from a crowd… oh, my heart…

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          1. I don’t think you’d ever get tired of it. It’s the only way, after all, in which we can experience this impossibility. I know when I’ve had really hot growth or shrinking dreams, I remember them forever.

            Even the not-so-hot ones are memorable.

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