Fake movie posters

I had fun creating these for an image (collage) contest at Giantess.com. I didn’t win (except in my heart, of course), but I didn’t care. The other contestants came up with some really fabulous entries, and when the time came to vote, I didn’t choose one of mine. Here are my entries:


1,880 one was my first entry, and created days after I saw the poster and trailer for Cloverfield. The same as conventional folks, we peeps in the multi-size community were alight with conjectures as to what the creature would be like, and some of us proposed it would be in fact a giant she.

Some of us are hilarious.

Anyway, this entry nigh amounted to cheating, as I barely had to do anything to make it work. The destruction was already there, courtesy of J. J. Abrams. The “1,880” refers to (more or less) the giantess’ height, and it’s an obvious play on “01-18-08”.


Honey, I Shrunk You
Honey, I Shrunk You

I’ve always thought the “Shrunk” movie series would have been better if they had involved a romantic relationship between a woman and a tiny man, but I’m alone on that.

No, I’m not? Nice.

In Honey, I Shrunk You, the little guy would have been played by Orlando Bloom, it seems… and the brilliant yet quirky and clumsy scientist would have been his lovely wife. The DVD extras would have included side-splitting outtakes and interviews about parts of the relationship small children mustn’t know anything about until they reach the age of forty.


In Her Shoes
In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes came to be because when I was studying getting Netflix, I checked out their recent releases, and there I saw this movie ad I knew I had to transform into what I did, as it’s a well known fact that those ladies that have a diminutive boyfriend are wont to allow them playtime inside their shoes.

I think that’s crazy. If I had a shrunken boyfriend I’d constantly warn him to stay out of my shoes, if he knows what’s good for him. And I wouldn’t be able to understand his delight in constantly disobeying me.


Ladies Prefer Brunettes
Ladies Prefer Brunettes

Years before the image contest for which Ladies Prefer Brunettes was an entry, I had ripped off harvested the elements from the Internet. I had the idea of creating all these fake movie posters based on old, classic movies.

That Cary Grant, North By Northwest pose is perfect for this purpose, as is Marilyn Monroe’s. I had to work on this collage the hardest, as I recall. The floor was created from all sorts of grain effects, and the shadows drove me insane as they always do. But copying the credits style from the original movie poster was fun.


The Cookie Thief
The Cookie Thief

The Cookie Thief was the most distant in “content” from the original poster. There’s this rumor I have helped circulate that if little guys indeed existed, their sole purpose in life would be to steal cookies from a jar, because that’s what some grown men do without permission. The nerve!

I love satire and ridicule, so this fake poster endeavors to magnify the drama of stealing giant cookies from an unsuspecting woman’s kitchen. Why do they need rifles, you ask?

To kill enemy bugs, of course. Duh. And because those are M1’s they are holding. If I had an M1, I’d also carry it around with me all the time. Sweet!

And these were created by Trinket999, one of my favorite collagers in the giantess world. Not that there really is a giantess world. Well, the giantess community. We the people. Whatever. My favorite is Casino Royale, which wasn’t a finalist as The Kiss was, so I voted for that one by default.

. . . . . . .. . . . . . .

4 thoughts on “Fake movie posters

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  1. Your collages are utterly FANTASTIC!! And so what if I’m biased…I have GOOD reason to be! You know because I say this to you with frequency, NO ONE is like you! No one has your wit, your humor, your sense of capturing an emotion or feeling and making it come to life in your collages, your writing, the music you select to compliment your entries…it all comes together and creates such vivid illustration of the thoughts you have.

    I remember when you first showed me these entries you created and they evoke the same feeling in me now as they did when you first showed them to me. A little guy like me can’t chuckle mightily, not by your lofty comparison, but The Cookie Thief had me just dazzled and giggling in the fine print of credits. Each one of your collages speak with volume to me of your colossal imaginative talent, your passionate focus, your ability to take various elements unrelated and put them together to bring to life what your mind sees.

    You know what I think, that every one of your collages is a winner. You put your heart and passion into these and it shows! And most importantly, each tell such wonderful stories that I am so very privileged to share with you.

    Your little squid


  2. Yes, you are biased indeed! But I had incredible fun during this image contest, as I think plenty of participants mentioned having as well. I put on a good show, as did trinket, JR, and Gollum, and the rest of the GDC members that added their images. I can’t remember a single bad image, which doesn’t mean there wasn’t one… I just recall being astounded at the quality of some entries, and amused by the imagination behind most.

    And hey, didn’t The Cookie Thief end up in third place? I still have the list of the members that voted for JR and trinket’s images, and I’m gonna hunt down those guys, and I’m gonna HURT THEM SO BA- er… never mind. Yeah. I’m happy to have been simply nominated.


    Ahem, thank you as always for your biased thoughts and comment! Yay for opinions slanted by personal feelings! ;)


  3. These are awesome. One step beyond digging for old posters that happen to have giant women or smaller men on them (usu. for comic effect or to emphasize a point). Those are fun too, but they make promises they never live up to…

    Actually, what infuriated me about Attack of the 50′ Woman (remake) was the discovery that the director found his SP/FX too good, too realistic, so he scaled them back so they’d look hokier. He would’ve made a popular bartender: “This drink… it’s too flavorful, too alcoholic. What drinkers want is more water, and that’s what I’ll give ’em.”

    But what I wouldn’t give to see any of your movies with reasonable production value…

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