How does a little man eat his Reeses?

I’m going to repost something from my ex-blog, because I’m lazy…

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With great difficulty!

Back when I spent some time looking for collaging material last year and during the beginning of this year, one of the image sources I chose was Flickr. I like to use those that members specify can be modified, but that’s neither there or anywhere.

That’s where I found this image (and the one above, by the same member) a few months ago, and bookmarked it. Every time I look at it I smile:

Runny nose!
Runny nose, get it?

There are more that have a theme of size difference, and those I predilect, hence my sharing his fun work.

I still say that chocolate and peanut butter don’t have any business mingling together, but then again I only understand the appeal of grape soda. I mean, if I ever grow a hundred feet in height, the country that produces the best tasting grape soda will earn my allegiance.

But I’m afraid the first factories to go down under the weight of my foot would be the Reeses and Twinkies ones. Yuck.

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  1. Oh, dear. I know there’s nothing good in it, and it was likely sourced from cruelty, but I do love a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Not all peanut butters go well with chocolate, and really excellent chocolates need nothing to go with them. And in fact, if one strips the milk chocolate from the peanut butter in a Reese’s specimen, the chocolate is only fair-to-middling and the peanut butter turns out to be nasty, vile on its own and unsuitable to be repurposed.

    But as you are to grape soda, so am I to ginger ale. I have 40 bottles of different brands in storage, waiting for one grand taste-test with friends to determine the best brands for drinking straight and for mixing in cocktails.

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  2. Yes, Reese’s Cups are the Grape-Nuts of the candy world.

    I love ginger ale! I love ginger ale with REAL ginger. Oh my glob, it is heaven to drink that stuff. I don’t keep any carbonated drinks at home, and I haven’t had any since January, but given the choice, that’s what I’d pick. A cold bottle of Reed’s. Your collections sounds fantastic. I hope you take a picture of it to maybe share some time.

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    1. You know what surprised me about ginger ale? Whenever someone brands themselves as using really strong ginger, for that extra-ginger flavor, it turns out they’re using jalapeño juice. For some reason, the spice of that pepper works really well with ginger, so you hardly notice it at all except for the stinging burn in the back of your throat, that any Westerner would assume comes from really strong ginger. Between that, HFCS, and the deadly ascorbic acid/sodium benzoate combination, it takes some work to find a simple, good ginger beer to purely enjoy.

      Reed’s is very good. That’s one I’d drink by itself, while Gosling’s is excellent explicitly for mixing with black rum for the Dark ‘n’ Stormy. Gosling’s not only makes this rum, but they also only sell their ginger beer in liquor stores.

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      1. I’ll have to try some ginger beer some time. I have some righteous Flor de Caña in the kitchen, but all I know to do with it is toss it into batter to make rum cake. Freakishly delicious, once a year.

        Boy, I miss margaritas. I make the best margaritas this sector of the galaxy.

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          1. Fresh limes, whatever amount of sugar you like, a nice orange-flavored liquor, and my favoritest ever, Jose Cuervo Gold. I once replaced the limes with a different fruit, and it was a fabulous variation.

            Sazerac sounds like what you would call a Sarlacc’s friend or relative.

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            1. I very much appreciate the sci-fi reference, but if your mere foot didn’t overextend the length of my entire corpore, I’d be giving you such a look right now.

              The Sazerac boasts a splendid history. Running absinthe around a frosted glass is a tiny joy. There’s even a Sazerac Rye meant specifically to go with this drink (see also: Gosling’s Ginger Beer/Rum). Then, when I found an online copy of The Sazerac Liar’s Club, it was a purely enjoyable romp through Wild West settler’s slang and popular expression (with only a couple dark moments of ghastly racism, showing us how far we’ve come).

              …Actually, I’ll accept the reference. Drowning in absinthe, rye, bitters and a citrus twist is infinitely better than slowly being digested for 1,000 years. (Guessing the Sarlacc somehow imbues its victims with limited immortality.)

              And as this is long and rambly, I’ll save my tequila story for another time.

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              1. Oh, please, do give me such a look. It’s just adorable to picture a little guy’s fruitless indignation. I mean, the glare, the arms akimbo, the heaving chest, the furled eyebrows, the entire image is an invitation for a comparatively giant woman, as she goes down the list of things she could do to turn that frown upside down.

                Or, the Sarlacc’s victims die instantly, but their bodies are preserved for a thousand years, very much like Twinkies, or beef jerky. But then that doesn’t explain Bobba Fett surviving it. Maybe the Sarlacc is only the mouth of a giantess, and he managed to make friends with her.

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                1. Well, then, just for you…

                  *fists on hips, stamping his little foot* Ooh! Ooh! I never! *marching back and forth, tiny arms gesticulating* Huff! Puff! Splutter! *hopping, swinging at the air with tiny balled fists* The audacity! The nerve! That you should… ooh!

                  I wasn’t prepared for the charming notion of the Sarlacc actually being a giantess lounging beneath meters of sand dunes (I’m afraid I would throw myself into it before even having been accused of any offense), but then came the one-two punch of the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter befriending her, to the extent that he can pop in and out of her maw for a social call.

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