Busy Tuesday. No time for talky. Enjoy collage of bitty shrunken man. Oh, and I was goofing off for a couple of minutes when I was supposed to be working with the Google AdWords keyword tool, and I found out this disappointing fact that I more or less knew: The Approximate Average Search Volume column... Continue Reading →

Eye contact in collages…

I'm sure I'll belabor this aspect of collaging again in the future, and when I do you'll smile, back away slowly, and perkily announce as you run away: "Yeah. I care about that a lot. A very important issue. Something should be done about it. Every time an artist shares a collage where eye contact is... Continue Reading →


This is something I added to my old blog over a year and a half ago, and since I save plenty of the things I write and today is Sunday so I'm lazy, I'm reusing it. * * * I think most of us like sports, whether we play or watch them, or both. Years... Continue Reading →

The giantess image contest I won

It was a couple of years ago that held a giantess image contest with the theme of creating a winning image that would best depict a "girl next door" as the giantess. Since plenty of collagers use celebrity images and airbrushed models (in other words, women that aren't intended to look real), I thought... Continue Reading →


I wrote this about a year and a half ago, and these days are very busy for me, so I'll just repost it. And I know just how they feel. The limo that had picked her up at the airport stopped in front of the house she had only seen in the picture her uncle... Continue Reading →

A quick thought…

Say you are a mom. And let's say you have a daughter. You two are very close. That's nice. But. Never reveal your ex, her father, was bad in bed. She has no use or need for that information. No matter how old she is. It's just wrong. Just sayin'.

Bones – The Man in the Outhouse

Stupid show. Why am I blogging about it? sighs But this episode was interesting because it exposed Brennan's double-stacked dating practices as she saw two different men, a deep-sea welder and a botanist, which in her place I would find time-consuming and confusing, sort of the way I felt when I collaged this: I like... Continue Reading →


I created this collage using several different images, and the background is a remix of a photograph titled Legs by kitta, both image and author found at Flickr. I was taken with it when I saw the skirt and how it was made with a really great fabric pattern. I'm obsessed with plaid clothing and... Continue Reading →

Date With a Giantess

In my eternal quest to collage from a different perspective from the ones I've seen year after year, I found an image of Hugh Jackman smiling at the camera, with a great panorama beyond that screamed "insert giantess here". Not long after that (but millennia in Photoshop years) I fetched the rest of what I... Continue Reading →

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