Between a rock and a high place

Yeah, so it’s either posting a collage, or discussing Sarah Palin at length.

I have better things to do with my life than to engage in the latter.*

Indecent Proposal
She can’t possibly be saying anything we should know.

It seems funny to me that the original image for this collage seems—in my mind—the unnatural one, as though it’s a capture of forced perspective, and the man (a Spanish soap opera actor, actually) is sitting much closer to the camera lens than the woman is, the same way Gandalf appeared to be much taller than Frodo through those fancy visual tricks.

I like my version better. When I started collaging I would notice a certain ease with which some collagers created images (that generally included half-sized men) that showed a rich level of interaction, elements so well matched that I imagined both, male and female, had come from the same raw image.


“AS-Fish” by Theth

Then I began to try to find photos that had very simple backgrounds behind a couple ready to be changed in size, with not much to do after that.

The end result wasn’t as easy to achieve as I imagined it would be. I still had to extract the male shape, recreate missing background behind him, and place him on it again at angles that satisfied the way the image was telling me a story. Still, it was fun. These collages are one of my favorite distractions, although lately I don’t have much time to dedicate them. I also feel inclined to believe one day I will come up with my own raw material, instead of stealing borrowing it from the Interwebses.

As to the title of my collage, who knows what sweet giant nothings she’s saying, but I think they must be very naughty, judging from the way he’s blushing.

*I don’t mean any disrespect to those of you who are discussing Sarah Palin at length in your beautiful, superior blogs. I’m just jealous. :)

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