Fun with buttons

I was at the Daily Kos laughing at what people type when I saw a link for all merchandises Democratic. Being a child of the 80s means that my blood type includes buttons.

Sadly, these days you don’t see people’s jean jackets covered with buttons and decals. I still have my jean jacket, which “they” will have to pry from my cold, dead fingers, and while the button idea is fancy and nice, it’s far more fun to invent the kind that doesn’t exist.


I’m not a Democrat, nor am I a Republican, but my way of thinking steers toward the liberal side more often than not, so I chose the above candidate. Otherwise the gag reflex while creating them would have been far too strong.

The one for little men would be difficult for them to wear, but maybe they can hang it outside their dollhouse, or lean it against its outside wall. It would be too large for them to roll it inside their minuscule homes.

Mine would be the last one, although so small it would be the size of a chocolate chip on my imaginary blouse, and that would only be on little-giantess days. The rest of the time I might accidentally inhale the little thing.

Time to go. Have a nice day!

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