A Story of Old

“013” by ActionFigure

There once was a woman as tall as a mountain
She came from a place where warmth was abundant
Her kin and her friends knew a difference in her
To see treasures in smallness caused a great stir

“What do you see in things so insignificant?
Look around you, dear girl; look up. You are a giant!”
They pleaded and chanted. She always gazed down
Ignoring their calls; strolled far out of town

Her fast-beating heart told a story of old
One day she would find a love pure as gold
Her eyes gazed to find him, her own and so small
A man to behold and show proudly to all

Long years came and went as she searched in vain
They gave her great joy and sometimes breathless pain
Her dream never died or diminished in strength
But seemed to evade her, at frigid arm’s length

The road of her life had rewards to the brim
And one night by the moonlight, she found signs of him
Blades of grass that bent to a path of tiny feet
Abandoned fires on a pebble with leftover roasted treat

Days passed with the magic that spilled from his trace
It was littered with gifts made with masculine grace
Loving offerings and notes that spoke of his soul
Hard to lift and to read as they spilled from her hold

“I have found you,” he wrote. “Now find me, if you can
Follow my trail and be mine forever.” She ran
And chased him through woods, her feet almost mangling
The clues on bloom stalks that he had left dangling

After hours felt like days, cold so near defeat
Hunger long forgotten, and sweat no longer sweet
She heard a tender tune arising from all sides
She followed it and found it came across a great divide

Bitter tears wet her face and her knees collapsed with grief
As she peered into the distance; dry with rock, no shade, no leaf
There her route was clear to follow, past a massive mountain range
Far from home and fair protection, music beckoned her to change

“Never have I been thus moved,” mused she in desperation
“to leave everything I know, abandon kin, my blood, my nation.
Why does fortitude now fail me? Why does he seem out of reach?
Why does land contrive and lift to seem impossible to breach?”

At the edge of giant forest; facing larger walls of gray
she heard unbroken harmony penetrate her wild mind’s fray
notes that joined to soothe and map a clear way to her affection
quick, she flew; her legs and heart aligned to move to his direction

No one knows the mountains’ secret; no one heard from them again
but the children of that region say they hear him in the rain
when it sprinkles on thatched roof; laughter, loving talk from yonder
and the rumble of her own, when she retorts in kind with thunder

2 thoughts on “A Story of Old

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  1. Ah, how beautiful your writing is. It is the brush of your imagination that paints such amazing, lovely pastels of emotions, color and feelings, on a canvass made of silk.

    This work of beautiful art, has always left me breathless, every time I have read it. And it emphasizes to me the extraordinary talents you have as a writer. Your natural skill for composition, your imagination unparalleled; you have such a heartfelt, passionate way of expressing your views, your thoughts, no matter the genre or mood.

    I know of your goals and I also believe that one day soon, you will attain them. Writing the caliber and “size” of yours, will not go unnoticed for very long.

    God this poem is so beautiful! Where in the heck are those Hollywood talent scouts when they’re needed. This needs to be made into a book…and then a movie!! Or a movie…and then a book…or just…a movie! Ok…book it is!

    Seriously…this is an extraordinary story that I hope you will sometime flush out into greater detail and perhaps think about, making it a full fledged book.

    Beautiful, just wonderfully beautiful!

    Your little squid


  2. Thank you, little squid! I love my poem too, not so much for any skill in poetry I talk myself into thinking it displays, because I don’t do that. I have you for that. :)

    What I love about it is the amount of fun I had in putting it together, and the story behind it that we have talked about. There’s even a collage in the works for it, but that won’t be ready until probably 2010, considering how busy I am and how slowly I finish my images.

    Hmm… I’m thinking maybe that story could be my NaNoWriMo project for this year. Ah, well… only time will tell, and the ultimate dictator, real life, gets the last word on that.

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