He’s hoping she won’t find him… or maybe he’s hoping she will.

I just spent about ten minutes trying to remember how to say “scalp” in Spanish. I cursed and growled, and squeezed my brain as hard as I could until it popped out, the stupid word. Two words, in fact: cuero cabelludo.

Why does that matter? It doesn’t. I’m just saying that it’s extremely frustrating to sit down on a break from my day and attempt to recite body parts and realize I’ve forgotten how to translate about 10% of them. So, in order to forget that I’ve forgotten, I’ll change the subject.

I finished the above collage over a year ago. The majority of collages produced by the multi-size community (I could call it “the giantess community” but I ain’t going to—just this once) showcases a giantess or a woman of regular size interacting with a wee bitty man. Sometimes the latter is bypassed completely, and all one can see in the collage is a lady doing unthinkable things to buildings or planets and stuff.

That’s wonderful and everything, but not for me. My interest has always been that wee bitty man, and his relating to the giant world around him… or a regular-size man and his fabulous dealings with one giantess. That’s not to say I haven’t composed images of ladies alone, because I have. It’s just not what’s in my head when I sit down and play with Photoshop layers.

That little explorer tells a story I really like. He is all alone, but perhaps not for long. He’s so tiny those high-heeled shoes extend far beyond his height; so small he could curl inside a toe section and escape detection. But why would he want to do that? Why is he looking over his shoulder like that, as though he’s making sure the owner of those shoes isn’t headed his way at that particular moment?

I love to think about the answers to those questions, and about the things that happen when the woman whose feet fit into those shoes stumbles upon him; finds him for the first time, or catches him doing something he shouldn’t be doing.

What’s that, you ask? And what does she do to him when she catches him?

Well, now you are just being nosey.

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