Despite his best efforts, it's simply not enough. I'm sure she'll let him know.
Despite his best efforts, it’s simply not enough. I’m sure she’ll let him know.

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[Edited November 1st, 2017]

I was looking at my Bored.jpg, thinking back on when I created it, and the idea behind it. The idea was that sometimes a woman is bored, or worse. Every once in a while, even someone who holds as a possession a shrunken man goes through periods of boredom, ennui, restlessness, or even depression. Hopefully, that shrunken man doesn’t take it personally, and if he’s as bright as she imagined he’d be, he’ll do his best to entertain his keeper, and pull her out of that mental state, and into one more cheerful and conducive to fun.

I think… another idea might have lurked behind the image. I’m not quite sure since this was over ten years ago, but perhaps I also imagined that no matter how entertaining a shrunken man might have been at some point, there comes a time his keeper will look at him and realize there is nothing substantial behind his act. Not to her, anyway. His little parade has reached an end, and the novelty has worn off. There is nothing new he says, and his imagination has proven lackluster.

What is she thinking as she watches him try to juggle and drop one match and then another? I don’t quite recollect, but it might have been something about flushing him down the toilet.

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  1. I have many, many theories about people, and these apply to sizist relationships as well. One is “everyone wants to be made love to” and another is “no one wants to make a mistake”. There are exceptions, of course, but these lead up to what I’m about to say next.

    There have been times when I’ve encountered a new giantess, and the push-pull of relational dynamics begins. I want her to impose sex upon me; I have no idea what she wants. She wants unrestricted agency; she has, at best, a shade of curiosity about what I might want. But once in a while I’m face-to-building-sized-face with a lovely, self-assured woman and what’s unspoken is that the next move is mine.

    I’m supposed to do something to impress her. What could I possibly do? I’m only a couple inches tall.

    The first thing that leaps to mind is anything from a vaudeville variety show: dancing, juggling, acrobatics (feats of strength will cut no ice with a giantess), singing or joke-telling, etc. Because what am I supposed to do, crawl up her body in a mad scramble to make love to her? And maybe she’d be into that, but the penalty for being wrong is stringent and permanent. Sometimes she wants her mind read; sometimes she wants to be utterly surprised. The last thing she wants is for me to ask her for ideas: “How best may I serve you, my goddess?” (read: “Place me inside your vagina. If you want something else, I don’t want to hear about it.”)

    But I’m a tiny man of little imagination and even less facility. Of course I’d love to curl up in a giantess’s ear and read novels to her, doing the voices and everything. I can’t juggle, and if I could sing she probably has different taste in music. I’m less fearful of being swatted by an impatient palm than of seeing hope melt away to disappointment on her huge face, and that fear can lock me up solid.

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  2. Your two theories apply to different moods. For those that don’t write, there will always be the first one, and the Instant-Sex giantess is their only choice. Unless they have the gift of imagination, all she’s good for is that. (And by Instant Sex I mean crush, cruel, vore, etc.)

    But for those of us that write, the giantess does wait to see what you’ll do, and the tiny man is able to figure out, as though by magic, what the giantess wants to see that very exact second. How does he do it? I don’t know. If he can’t, he’ll fake his way through, and she’ll reward him with laughter. Just put yourself in her shoes (not literally, please), and imagine what it would be like for her to encounter a tiny man, just a few inches tall. It doesn’t matter what he does: she’ll find it charming, spectacular, amazing.

    If you dance, she’ll clap. If you tell jokes, she’ll pretend she heard the punchline, and laugh. If you read to her, she’ll turn the world down just to hear you tell her what happens next. If you sing, she’ll sing along, and you can both watch paint peel off the wall together.

    “I’m a tiny man of little imagination”. That’s a big, fat lie. The second part, not the first. Your imagination surpasses belief. Don’t try to lie to a giantess. If she doesn’t tolerate untruths, she will swat you impatiently.

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