Pequeno Tamanho


I don’t really know what his member name is, because he goes by at least a couple (pequeno and tamanho), from what I saw on giantess boards many months ago, when I used to frequent them.

Last year I was perusing the library for new collages, as I enjoyed doing when I wanted to leave feedback, and I spotted the second one in today’s entry, Espere. That one and Encomenda (encomendar = to entrust) are my favorites, and I have a couple more in my Mac, but these four are the best.


Espere (which is wait in Spanish—or Portuguese, which I believe the collager speaks as his native language), has a great theme, one for which I’ve created collages of my own, so how could I not like it? It looks so good it almost seem as thought scanned from a magazine.

In collaging giantesses and little men I’m a stickler for reflections and shadows, and in this image they are placed perfectly.

I remember what I thought when I first saw it: it looked real, which is something we strive for with these collages.


Aside from that you have the posed feet showing that the woman is leaving, and the expression of the little guy, which clearly shows two things: he doesn’t want her to leave, and he’s too small to stop her from doing anything she wishes to do, and leaving is far from the exclusive.

Experiencia and Experiencia 2 fall within something I like seeing in collages, the laboratory theme. The scientist figures out a way to shrink a man, or a city, or the world, and she’s naturally pretty damn pleased with herself, and with the little fella.

Experiencia 2
Experiencia 2

In my mind the scenarios are relatively gentle, and no harm comes to pass to those that are shrunk, despite the fear they feel and display at first.

I know it’s different for others that think about these things, and that’s one reason those forums exist. It’s entertaining to see the variations on a theme of size differences.

2 thoughts on “Pequeno Tamanho

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  1. Hi, this is my collageres. Thanks for posting its.
    I discovered your blog today.

    Coming son more collages.

    Sorry my english. I am Brasilian.


    1. Hi Pequeno,

      It’s very nice to say hi to you, even though I wasn’t courteous enough to answer your comment any time shortly after it was published. I stopped blogging for a few months back then and would sometimes go for weeks without visiting my admin area.

      I’ve poked around the forums but there’s no sign of more work from you. I hope you’re still collaging. Your work is good, and there are few good collagers.


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