A quick thought…

Say you are a mom.

And let’s say you have a daughter.

You two are very close.

That’s nice.


Never reveal your ex, her father, was bad in bed.

She has no use or need for that information.

No matter how old she is.

It’s just wrong.

Just sayin’.

4 thoughts on “A quick thought…

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  1. Yeah… kids (at any age) don’t need that information. My father tried to bond with me, over one of our visits, with his old yearbooks. Having me pick out the cute girls and commenting on whether he hit on them or not. Was I supposed to admire him? Maybe in his mind that’s how it worked. I was just skeeved out and found something else to do.

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  2. I’m sorry that happened! All I can say is that at least he tried. I think, as a general rule, if one wants to bond with one’s children, don’t abandon them for a cult in the first place, or act absolutely bored that you have to spend time with them, or disappear into your mobile every time you get the chance. Children notice, and they remember. Maybe when you’re old, you WANT to be placed in a home where orderlies strip you down and upload footage of your toothless self to rotten.com… but if you don’t, maybe try to show your children you love them.

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    1. Maybe that’s what Rodin’s “Thinker” was mulling over. I can see a thought-bubble over his head: “Let’s see… I want to stick my dick into this woman repeatedly… but what if the kid isn’t interested in what I’m interested in? Where is the happy medium?” One answer, apparently, is to start a family and then flee the country.

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