The giantess image contest I won

It was a couple of years ago that held a giantess image contest with the theme of creating a winning image that would best depict a “girl next door” as the giantess.

Since plenty of collagers use celebrity images and airbrushed models (in other words, women that aren’t intended to look real), I thought it was a great idea for a contest. I had just received my copy of PSE, and I had already begun to accumulate raw material for collages, so I got to work​ on my entries.

I uploaded the following images about thirty days later. That’s how long it took me to complete my first large collages. Now it would be a completely different story, but back then I knew nothing of layers, or contrasts, or extracting pixels. Not one thing.

There’s much I would do now to improve them, but I’m resisting the impulse to tweak them, and getting on with my life. Nowhere_to_sit.jpg won the coveted spinning pink G (all image contest winners got a spinning G next to their avatars that would show up with their every post and at their profiles, and it would spin until the next contest winner was announced), or as we also came to call it, The Preciousss.

We are an easily amused crowd. :)


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