Eye contact in collages…

I’m sure I’ll belabor this aspect of collaging again in the future, and when I do you’ll smile, back away slowly, and perkily announce as you run away:

“Yeah. I care about that a lot. A very important issue. Something should be done about it. Every time an artist shares a collage where eye contact is missing, a kitten loses its wings.”

Then I’ll sigh and think about throwing a house at you because I’ll know you’re lying to me, but that won’t stop me from constantly repeating that I love it when—in collages— the woman and the man are looking at each other, instead of at the camera. Seriously, when you are with someone you really really like, and that someone happens to be a giantess or a shrunken man, you are not going to look away to smile at the lens of a camera.

That’s just goofy.

But you know who’s not goofy? Real Live Dead, or rld as he’s known to our kind. He enjoys collaging destructive giantesses, but his gentle giantess scenarios are also cosmically well done. Example:

RLD - Tiny Village
“Tiny Village” by Real Live Dead

When rld shared it with the community at Giantess City, I asked him if he would allow me to modify it a little to show that eye contact I’m talking about. When he said “no” I threw a house at him, and then somehow he changed his mind.*

Months later I uploaded the following image to the Tiny Village image thread. I had pasted a pair of new eyes onto the giantess, therefore frankensteining a lowered gaze directed at the man who’s waving at her, the little guy whom I imagine owns her heart, and who has the terrific job of peeling those grapes.

During my last high school year I sometimes wore a skirt like that to school. No observations about its transparent nature shamed me into not wearing it. I wasn’t trying to be a hussy. I simply didn’t care about anyone’s opinion, and I liked the way it looked with certain tops nuns would have found suitable.

And this is the alternate version with eye contact added, as well as a tiny little date.
And this is the alternate version with eye contact added, as well as a tiny little date.

*Not really. Not only was he extremely nice about my improving changing his lovely work, but he also mentioned wanting to see the end result.

4 thoughts on “Eye contact in collages…

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  1. Oh no, I’m with you. As grateful as I am for all the hard work that skilled collagers put into their wonderful images, there is a tiny drop of disappointment when the giantess is gazing off into the distance instead of looking down at her rampaging feet or studying the tiny person she has clutched in her fist. I get it, this is a difficult trick to manage without actually hiring a model or developing different Photoshop skills… but still.

    So the modification you made was fantastic, appropriate, and entirely welcome.

    I have to boost Ktantan here for doing one of my favorite shrunken-man pieces, just because the image is so freakin’ clear and the interaction is so freakin’ personal. In that image, the giantess has gotten around the “can’t focus on something that isn’t there” hangup by looking at her own fingertip, easily retranslated as studying the effects of her finger on a little guy. The scene is mesmerizing to me, because it’s so intimate (look how intent she is) and so clean (the whole thing almost looks like CGI).

    The only thing I had to point out to this venerable artist was that the tiny man was not actually reflecting in her lenses. My computer blew the image way up and I could stare right into her eye on the left (her right), and the fisheye image clearly showed her fingertip on or just above the white table surface. I respectfully mentioned this to Ktantan who promptly remedied it with a reasonable mock-up of the tiny man’s reflection, and all is well with the universe.

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  2. I can’t help but shake my head and smile. I was going to mention the same exact thing to Ktantan. I kept staring at her eyes, annoyed because his absence there destroyed the entire fantasy in the image. That he changed it shows how great he is, beyond just being an excellent artist.

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  3. PREACH!

    It’s the difference between a pinup and a scenario. I want my size imagery to tell me—in a glance—everything I need to know about not just the characters depicted but also what world(s) they are from, how typical this encounter is, and what the story being told means to the creator. Almost all of this is found in the eyes.

    Here’s looking at you.

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