Tugging at those strings, or trying really hard.
Tugging at those strings, or trying really hard.

Busy Tuesday.

No time for talky.

Enjoy collage of bitty shrunken man.

Oh, and I was goofing off for a couple of minutes when I was supposed to be working with the Google AdWords keyword tool, and I found out this disappointing fact that I more or less knew:

Giantess searches
Giantess searches
Small man searches
Small man searches

The Approximate Average Search Volume column shows the approximate average monthly number of search queries matching keywords (either “giantess” or “small man”) that were performed on Google and the search network over a recent 12-month period.

The small-man people clearly need to get it together and perform more searches. I can’t do it all by myself, you dorks.

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  1. Maybe we need an easier word for tiny men, shrunken men, or fantastically small men (as opposed to the short guys we have in real life)? I learned that the Japanese word for a tiny woman is koonago, as indicated in a pretty gruesome and abusive image library. While few people may know, use, or care about this word, it still exists.

    Sure, some people call tiny men Tinies, Mini, Micro or Nano, and those are fine in the size-fetish scene, but searching for those terms probably will not turn up the material one wishes to see. So allow me to brainstorm: diminuto (Spanish), jageun (Korean), munichuk (Bulgarian), salaputtium (Latin), klenge (Luxembourgish), cinna (Telugu)…

    No, these are horrible. Though Latin suggests to me where Swift came up with Lilliputian.

    As for your lovely, skillful collage: that little dude better watch his monkeyin’ around or he’s going to find himself lost inside the F hole… and not the good kind.

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  2. Google search is a cruel mistress, especially for a woman like me. My path to finding answers for myself in this real was irksomely convoluted. Even now, when I search “shrunken man fetish”, I end up in a sort of hell. Ugh… can’t unsee.

    I agree: we need a word that means hot, and shrunken, and man. The word should also imply the hot shrunken man was made that way by his shrinker/keeper, who treats him kindly most of the time. I think the German people are best equipped for this delicate mission.

    Have at it, Germany.

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