Happy Halloween!

I wrote this for the thirteenth day of the month of October in 2006, which fell on a Friday. I posted it at my old blog, and here's the repost. Don't eat too much candy, and stay warm. I'm a fan of the horror genre in movies, books, and probably all possible media. It isn't... Continue Reading →

Happy Hallow's Eve Eve!

A year ago there was a Halloween image contest at the website I'm always mentioning. All the entries were displayed on rotation on the board's login page as contest participants uploaded them to the image gallery. Because they had to fit the formatting of the page, our entries had to measure 400x400 pixels, and those... Continue Reading →

Tender Leg Hug

Thank goodness for sepia layer styles to the rescue. Male flesh alert. If you are allergic to male flesh, please take appropriate antihistamines, wear eye shields, have your fainting powders at hand, and so on. * * * Don’t go I will do anything I will be smaller Do you feel how small I am?... Continue Reading →

Listen here, and listen well.

If movies were dogs and cats... ...this drools: And this rules: I never saw the real Choke movie, nor will I ever watch it. I'm still taking cleansing showers from Sam Rockwell's performance in The Green Mile, in any case. Not because he was bad. On the contrary. I wanted to create funny custom credits... Continue Reading →

Catching a plane

Now this is the smallest collage I ever created. At an initial 147x124 pixels, it was hardly avatar sized. Only after I used a Prisma filter to modify its look, did it increased in size by virtue of that app's magical essence. Or whatever. So why did I create it? Because I could. And because... Continue Reading →

Tiny Coworker

It's clear some of us think of this, because some of you collage about it. Some of my collage material includes elements to create scenarios where a tiny coworker or a gigantic lady boss is present, and I will probably get around to completing them before the first woman is elected president, if I'm still... Continue Reading →

Her Property

It’s Saturday, so that means… RANDOM COLLAGE TIME! A few months into collecting images from the Internet I realized I should keep track of the places I raid for material. The easiest way to do that was to name the images using the web address where I found them, so I'm able to mention I... Continue Reading →

What's hair good for?

I know what you are thinking. Well, no, I don't... but some of us have pictured the long hair of giantesses to serve many purposes. If Gulliver needs to climb up a hole in the ground, a giantess can lower her braid; if a shrunken man needs a living room rug, his normal-sized wife can... Continue Reading →

Bones – The Crank in the Shaft

I've been watching Bones for years now, and this is the first episode I actually felt something close to repugnance, which surprised me. I've seen fake corpses covered with maggots of different sizes, I've watched fake melted bodies in a tub of goo, I've clapped at a truckful of garbage Hodgins had to sift through... Continue Reading →

Well-Guarded Walnut Raisin Cookies

I baked these a couple of night ago. I got sixty units out of the mix, which is a scant serving for a giantess and a lifetime supply for a shrunken man. Either way, they are delicious, and I don't feel the lack of oatmeal one bit. Raisin Walnut Cookies Ingredients 2 1/2 cups all-purpose... Continue Reading →


https://youtu.be/zFt65uHzK5U The above is a short clip I found when I searched for Chiquitolina* on the Tube. It's cute, so I wanted to share it here. I know the characters are from Venezuela because of the unmistakable accent, and because of the way she says chiquitico, a word that's an intensive form of "little", and... Continue Reading →


Many moons ago there was this thread at Giantess.com about interaction between giantesses and shrunken men. We voiced our opinions, some with a more authoritative tone than others, none with real authority as experience in the matter is impossible. Giantesses* and shrunken men don't exist. Hmm... I really hope I didn't just kill one of... Continue Reading →

Giant flip-flops!

While searching for an entirely unrelated subject (it's always something unrelated), I found this image. College-aged guys standing around wearing giant flip-flops, the context entirely unconnected, yet the image perfect for what it conjured in my mind. I'm not going to include the original link, as it belongs to a website for a political party... Continue Reading →

Good Halloween Treats

Now that Halloween is coming up, heathens everywhere are preparing to deploy sugary treats to suspecting children. Well, not all heathens. As we know, child molesters will be spared an extra trip to the store for those nifty little bags of mixed, individually wrapped candy. ANNAPOLIS — Sex offenders in Maryland have begun receiving paper... Continue Reading →

Holding Him Closely

Handheld collages don't have to be gentle, as Edison and other collagers show, but loving interaction is what I like, and its extreme in my mind only reaches, say, playfully dangling a little guy, or maybe squeezing him a bit. But I prefer hand hugs like the above. Have a happy Monday!

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