Buffalax needs to come out of the vore closet

You know how it is in the giantess community. We see a commercial with a giantess, and we begin to imagine that the brains behind the ad must have a soft spot for size fetishes. We see a movie where a woman is crushing an eyeball, and we contend that the director / producer has giantess crush fantasies.

I’m inclined to believe giantesses and shrunken men make a very valid marketing point for reasons that escape the fetish realm, so I don’t sit around pondering that stuff.

Well, I didn’t until I stumbled upon this youtube video of an Indian Thriller song, which I presume is part of a film, one of those musicals so popular in India (I watch them as often as I can). The uploader, Buffalax, invented subtitles for the song based on what the words in Tamil—a language with official status in India and other countries—sound like).

Every time I watch it, I laugh. It reminds me of my childhood, and the way I used to sing in “English” before I ever learned the language. And the dancing, facial expressions, and vampire teeth? Pure gold. Anyway, after watching the video a few times, it became clear to me that the uploader, Buffalax, is totally into vore.

There’s a clear explanation for his constant mentioning food consumption closely interwoven with elements not to be thought of as food, but if I were to offer it up with formal references and a psychological manual, that would seriously cut into the time I’m spending making baseless claims as to the inclinations of someone I’ve never met.

So I’ll just throw the subtitled video and this this photoshopped menu your way, and let you make your own conclusion. As long as your conclusion is exactly like mine.

Clearly this man is into vore. There can't be any other opinion on this matter.
Clearly this man is into vore. There can’t be any other opinion on this matter.

4 thoughts on “Buffalax needs to come out of the vore closet

      • Uh-oh, broken link. I better fix that. Thanks for the comment. It brought it to my attention.

        Moments later: There, fixed for the throngs of people that won’t accidentally watch it on YouTube. It still makes me laugh.

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        • People were asking me. They’re all, “Hey, Aborigen, maybe you could talk to your friend over there and, uh…” Nodding significantly. It took me fifteen tries but I discerned they meant the video.

          I enjoy the video very much as well.

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