Wake up!

Wake up! she says to her friend.
“Wake up!” she says to her friend.

I don’t know why they must awaken. Tomorrow is only a few steps away for ultra giantesses that are many miles tall, and yesterday is a walk back and around a patch of darkness only sprinkled with manmade light they either target or avoid. I’ve always enjoyed imagining giant friends with whom I can be myself, huge beings that understand me as well as I do myself, or even better than I do myself.

Why would I, on a night like tonight, imagine getting up, stretching languidly, and deciding I’m going to take a walk all the way to the beginning of last year? Why do I imagine it would work? As I sit up I tell my friends I’ll see them next year, and I begin to make my way into the horizon; once… and my friends are no longer there, twice, again and again until I’m all the way back when I want to be.

This is one of the few giantess-only collages I’ve created, and one of the few I’ll actually spend any time editing and fixing, now that I have a bit more experience with PS. For now it’s the B&W version.

Wheee! It’s Friday!


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