Here's looking

Giant Eye
Peering inside…

About three or nine or fifty people in the giantess community like to imagine a giantess peeking into their homes to see what they are doing as she (hopefully) develops a snatching strategy*. It’s a huge window of opportunity as to what might happen to those that end up manhandled, as well as those two or ten people in the community that imagine doing the manhandling.

That’s fine and dandy, but I also like thinking of a little guy peering through my window. I like it a lot. If someone tried to measure how much I like it, the scale would break because the likingness would be too heavy.

It works for me.
It works for me.

*Which should not amount to much more beyond…

  1. Insert hand A through window B
  2. Enclose human form C in A
  3. Pull out A though B with C in A
  4. Insert C into D with A
  5. Pull C ut of D with A
  6. Faster
  7. Faster
  8. Fastest

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