Dial M For Micro

But dial carefully. And you can't use the 2.
But dial carefully. And you can’t use the number 2.

I’m tired and I don’t feel much like typing, so I’ll just slap on a collage and leave you with these few thoughts:

  1. I haven’t encountered many artists that enjoy collaging shrunken men alone; that is, placed in an environment where they are interacting with objects, or with a part of the female body so magnified it’s no longer identifiable, or with people out of the viewer’s sight. I’ve seen a few of those collages here and there. but in total not as many as I have put together. I wonder why.
    No, I don’t. :)
  2. This is one of those collages. I found the “vintage” rotary phone (I still remember how my fingers felt when I used one of those) photo and I knew it would be perfect for perching up a little guy on it somewhere. I’d grown fond of very small sizes, and while he isn’t truly what we call “micro”, he sure is working on it.
  3. Mi favorite soup is New England clam chowder, and the soup I dislike the most is Manhattan clam chowder.
  4. I’m currently resisting the strong urge to buy useless jewelry. I did get a new button cell battery for my kitchen timer, even though my usual timer is “looking through the oven window to make sure it isn’t too charred”.
  5. I don’t care how much you want to save Earth and protect the planet and whatnot, sex toys are not recyclable.

I’m done.

2 thoughts on “Dial M For Micro

Add yours

  1. This is a such a fabulous collage! The size of him is just so awesome! And your attention to every small detail, once again, is just incredible. The shading you did to his left leg and foot and the shadowing graduation given the light source…just makes it so incredibly real. His right arm at rest in the curl of the huge finger hole, his left hand up on the enormous thick plate of the dial wheel…wow…just beautiful.

    I can so imagine myself there, looking out with that rather expressionless face…and up at the tall giant woman I love and belong to, saying…

    “What? I was just enjoying a man’s moment of rest, that’s all.”

    “Aahhh yes, kick back, reclining here in this huuuge hole your finger fills, darling. The curve feels sooo good against the soles of my little bare feet and wiggling toes.”

    “Well no, you didn’t say I could go exploring…but hey, at least I’m not trying to raid the cookie jar, right?”

    “Why, what’s the matter honey? You look a little flushed. Ohhhhh, I know. It’s the bare feet isn’t it? What? No, my legs are quite comfortable where they are, thank you.”

    And then, well you know…major hotness.

    I love this collage! And I think there is a lovely little story to write.

    Your little squid


  2. Thank you, little squid. I was happy when I found the elements for this collage, and matched them knowing they would go very well together. There’s a good feeling associated with collaging, but also with the sheer dumb luck of coming upon images on the Internet that just happen to go wonderfully together.

    And you know I also think his size is awesome, but then again I enjoy all sizes in a little guy. Again, I’m with you on shadows giving a great deal of dimension to a collage that might otherwise seem flatter. I spent the longest on the hands too, and that left hand is not his original hand… it comes from other material, so this little guy is another “Frankenstein”.

    That’s lovely dialogue you’ve come up with, and I hope all that talk of a little story becomes more than talk at some point. And stop revealing my thing about male feet to the rest of the readers! :lol:


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