Half-Sized Man

And they kiss
And they kiss…

Of the +140 collages I have made, this one is my least favorite. It did punctuate the beginning of my purposeful creation of images with half-sized men, which I had started enjoying because of the works of theth and trinket999. Before this July 2007 image, my only collage with a half-sized little guy had been an accident. Or, more accurately, I had no choice but to make it a half-sized-man collage.

So if I like manipulating images with “big” little guys in them, why is this one my least favorite one?

There’s something that bugs me about the composition and the way she seems to be swallowing his nose. His face annoys me too, but that’s neither here nor there. There is such a thing as “chemistry” with a collage, it appears. I used the vignette style to hide something else I find irritating about the image, and it’s this terrible thing she’s wearing, the kind that looks extremely uncomfortable.

But it was good practice.

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