America's Next Top Giantess Model

As I’ve said before, I think watching TV is a huge waste of valuable time, some times more than others. Reality shows are perfect examples of the clock ticking away while it steals minutes you’ll never get back as you watch fake reality happen to imperfect strangers.

So it is with a sizable amount of shame that I admit I have, on occasion, from time to time, almost always accidentally, watched America’s Next Top Model. Since I don’t have cable, these accidental watchings have taken place online for the most part, with probably one exception.

I will say for myself that the benefit of watching these cycles (they are not seasons, as they take place more often than once a year) online is that I can watch the last five minutes of each episode and spare myself the mindless shrieking, the cruel shrewing, and the senseless attempts at sabotaging displayed by some of these ambitious young ladies.

And boy does the show lick its lips and savor each great fall that comes after an excessively proud girl states someone other than herself should leave the competition. So why do I watch it? I don’t know… I have stopped watching when the shrill screaming begins (it usually follows Tyra Banks’ entrance, or that one of either of the J’s), or when the girls display overly immature behavior, but I really like the girlie stuff, such as the clothes, and the shoes (when I can catch a glimpse of them), and the hairstyles, and sometimes even the jewelry and makeup.

There was this episode a few days ago where J II led the girls in posing as “giants” (his word) creating different “natural disasters”, and I instantly thought there would be a thread about this on the giantess boards. I imagined there would be naysayers that would mention the inability of the girls to act as “real giantesses”, or to pose realistically as “giantesses”. This is the face I make at those hypothetical people:

I doubt there’s a single clothes designer in the business interested in models portraying giantesses convincingly more than they care about how they will sell the clothes they invent.

The photo shoot was nice to watch, partly because I wanted those model towns and mountains and beaches right in my living room so I could pretend to be a giantess myself, and partly because some of those dresses and boots rocked. My absolute favorite one is the red dress Analeigh (the windstorm maker) is wearing, together with those fabulous white boots. I’ve had dreams about similar boots.

Except in my dreams my white boots were magical and had the power to make me grow.

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  1. You know what? I’m going to play WordPress’s little game and just respond to any recommended post it tosses up. Why not? It’s free.

    A small part of me (no pun intended) would have liked to see that episode. The majority of me politely declines, and civility forbids me from elaborating.

    However… yes, I bet if the show did reliably feature a Giantess segment from season to season, they would find a spike in their numbers, once word gets around. It’s all in the marketing.

    If I owned a house, one room would be dedicated to models of cities (at least two scales) and photography. I know this for a fact.


  2. I’m sorry to say it isn’t free. Every time you answer any of the recommended posts, you shrink a fraction of an inch. It’s truly… terrible. But not as bad as that show was.

    Now, these models, would you pattern them after real cities? I once thought I would do the same at some point, but that dream died. I hope yours comes to fruition! So hurry up and buy that dollhouse.


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