Bones – The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

King of the loony bin!
King of the loony bin!

Part of the beauty of Bones is the conclusive way it inspires me to learn more about the world around me. It can be argued that the knowledge I gain will serve absolutely no purpose, and will not enhance my life more than fulfilling my duties as a human being would and does, but who knows.

Maybe there’s a balance between awareness and obligation that escapes me, and that one day will pop into my life and prove that it was important for me to know the relationship between Lemania subspecies and high-gradient streams despite how frustrating it is that the Internet is not a place the reveals whether algae does indeed turn purple when agitated by a stream of urine.

Most of the world may never know, but at least I’ve learned of the existence of a lemma beyond the world of Terry Pratchett. Another fully hardened brain erection took place when looking up forensic blood detection methods, specifically what Brennan used when she scooped up what might have been blood.

They show it a lot on TV shows. Forensic dude uses a q-tip to recover traces of something, and the q-tip goes into some liquid, and the liquid turns pink like so many pregnancy tests. What they don’t do in most TV shows is tell you what the hell that is. Bones did, when she said the word “phenolphthalein”, thus allowing me to find out more about it, and to find great delight in learning the science was accurate.

Vegetable peroxidases have never been sexier!

Lovely subplots:

1. Zach reappears!

2. Booth’s back’s in pain after going down a small slide while with his son Parker

3. Zach’s part is played by Mr. Bray, Brennan’s brightest scholarship student

4. There’s a reference to someone “giant” about four minutes into the show, ruined by adding the word “toddler” after it

And much more.

This was a terrific episode. The squint content went through the roof like a horny giantess, and the quid pro quo between the horror of violence and chemistry and humor was perfectly produced.

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