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It’s Saturday night, so that means…


Pixelated to hide a shameful, terrible, unreasonable male bottom! :shock:

The inspiration for the collage above was playful interaction between a little guy and his comparatively gigantic companion. They are in bed, and she’s reading or listening to music or working, and of course he’s lazing about in a life of luxury. He doesn’t have to work (conventionally anyway), and is privileged enough to spend his days in a doll house when he’s not making his keeper happy.

Lazing about in a life of luxury includes doing a bit of exploring of his girlfriend’s body, and I like to close my eyes and imagine he finds something between those gigantic feet. Something he wants. Maybe something she placed there to lure him into a trap. Perhaps a bit of candy, or a cookie crumb. Guys will do anything for a bit of cookie.

And when he reaches into that crevice between her feet with his bitty hand, his arm sinks in all the way and SNAP! Those soles close in on him like a venus fly trap, and… well, nothing bad happens to him after that, of course. I like gentle scenarios.

As far as you know.

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  1. One of my favourite places to be, doing one of my favourite things to do, with one of my favourite “people” to do it with.

    LOVE this scenario!

    Gotta go get my shrink on…



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