Secret Separation

There’s plenty of media out there that unintentionally caters to those that fantasize about giantesses. I can think of five music videos off the top of my head, and at least just as many TV commercials. As far as advertising concepts go, a giantess can do no wrong. A woman larger than life will create incomparable visibility for whatever she’s helping sell.

In some ways, tiny people can do the same. Not only that, but miniature scenarios are visually interesting in music videos. Those are the ones that spark my interest the same way giantess music videos make their way into hard drive collections among those like me.

I’ve always been fascinated by the niches in our fantasies. There have been many threads, discussions about disagreements, different points of view within a group of people that experience arousal from what the untrained eye would see as the same thing. 🙂

Some of you only like to fantasize about giantesses, and run the other way when the people that also like to imagine themselves a few inches tall open their mouths. A few of you like to think of violent, crazed giantesses bent on destroying all they see (including you), while people like me prefer the gentle side of things.

I’m tempted to say that’s the side that likes that video… but I’m not sure. For starters, it’s not an outright shrunken man music video. In it you see a man going nowhere as he walks on a giant hamster wheel, and he’s wearing the next-to-nothing loin cloth I imagine my own little one would sport until I make him small clothes his size.

Then, what kind of shrunken-man scenario includes a hamster wheel anyway! Well, a playful one; one in which the woman keeps a little man in a dollhouse, but every once in a while she transforms him into a little pet. The interaction I envision comes flooding into my mind when I watch this song by The Fixx.


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