Theth – The Computer Series

I think everyone knows who Theth is (and by everyone I mean all in the giantess community). The quality of his collages makes it impossible for them to escape unnoticed by the great majority.

Years ago, when I decided to search the Internet for answers to the mysterious thoughts about shrunken men I was having, I stumbled upon Theth’s Geocities site, and a few of the images found there became part of my collection of favorites. As far as I know that place hasn’t been updated, so became the place where I got my Theth fix.

Before Oz shut it down I rushed to save dozens of his collages, and I’m glad I did, because there’s no gallery online for most of his images. Theth mentioned once that he would create a gallery at The Shrine, but somebody needs to nag him about uploading more images.

Not me, though. I got my Theth collection in my Mac. Ha! Speaking of Macs, Theth didn’t call this “The Computer Series”. In fact, he doesn’t really name his collages the way some of us do. I’m all little-husband this, and trinket999 is all afternoons-spent-in-bed that, and I think plenty of collagers do that.

Theth grabs name initials and numbers for the most part, but I don’t think he’ll hold it against me for grouping these images under a theme. And if he does… well.

Who’s gonna stop me? :D

The first collage is titled sasp-gdh2k3-114c.jpg. I would have called it, Honey, please let me work. I know you need attention and I’ve been terribly busy lately, but that’s no reason to bite my finger, especially when I need it to type. Now, stop enticing me with your little body and go play with your toys.jpg.

Yeah, so Theth’s title is easier to remember, and so is the next one, stph074.jpg. Gosh, it’s just lovely. There’s the woman working on her laptop, and next to her is her little love, helping her with a few keys here and there. It’s a scenario right out of my head, except in my mind I’m always watchful for birds when my Little One is out in the open like that. A blue jay would rip him to pieces in a few seconds.

I know what you are thinking about sh-red03.jpg. Undersquid, there’s no computer in that collage, you are thinking. But there is one; it’s just inside one of the boxes the little guy is carrying for his lady.

And now I will speak heresy and say that if I had come up with that collage, I would have replaced that umbrella with a beautiful balloon. And boy do I want a dress just like that one. So beautiful.

OnDesk.jpeg is beyond fantastic. Small, but perfect. The look in her eyes as she stares at her little guy, probably half listening to him as she plans what she will do to him next, when he’s innocently telling her about his very important work down there at floor level, where he’s planning to unionize the between-walls mice, and to spend a couple of hours repairing her delicate jewelry, and to get the remote control car working again. You know, manly stuff.

She half listens, because she’s thinking, Darling, you are just a toy today, and I think I’ll show you the kind of toy you are.

I wonder if I’m the only person in the world that sees dialogue in these—or any other—collages… but if I am, what the hell. It’s marvelous fun.

I love the creation of fake movie posters and ads, whether it’s mine or someone else’s work. In stph078ad.jpg I see an example of another element in my fantasies, which is that one of a tiny little shrunken helper, a small man that serves as a living daily planner, a manager as he reminds me of bills I should pay, of meetings I need to keep, of special events for which to get ready.

He makes calls for me, edits my writing (which is a huge boost to his ego), researches data, and that’s only what he can do during the day! He’s a little iPet, but one with a marketable brain.

I believe this is the first Theth collage I ever saved. There’s something ethereal about ac_lt.jpg, created by the soft lighting that blends into the flesh of the characters, making them luminous, especially the shrunken man. I imagine it gives him a halo, a purity despite his lack of clothing. It helps tell a story in my head.

P.S. In Theth’s honor, I’m going to title my next collage gfth-hujy345platypus-ghtyujmn1998.jpg

8 thoughts on “Theth – The Computer Series

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  1. I wish I’d had the foresight to archive all the of the stuff on GDC before it vanished in the wink of an eye. Well, at least in my eye, but my eye was closed to the ‘scene’ at the time, so it seemed like a wink. Thanks for bringing some of these back for me.


  2. You are welcome! There are tons of images I didn’t get to go through, and those last few weeks I was going there every day.

    Who am I kidding. I often was there every day.

    At least I did get to save quite a few of yours, and of Theth’s. If you’d like, I can send you a file of the latter.


  3. I’m new on the scene… great blog, I love the commentary on these collages. I, too, was a big fan of theth’s work. Would you mind if you sent that same file over to me? Thanks!


  4. Thank you BabyZoe, and welcome (back?) to the scene. Can’t be all that new if you were a big fan of theth’s work. I like to think of him as the Methuselah of giantess collages, although Maxx deserves the title as well.

    I’d be happy to send my copies of theth’s collages to you! It will have to wait until next weekend though, since Gmail doesn’t let me attach more than one file at a time, and I’ll need some extra time to get that done. :)


  5. That worked beautifully, trinket! Thank you. Sometimes I think I don’t know one third of the things I can do with my Mac.

    (And you are welcome.)

    Collages sent, BabyZoe.


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