Toy or no toy? That is the question.

He is too a toy.
He is too a toy.

Why would I assert such a thing?

1. Throughout the years I have heard and read many opinions on the matter of size fantasies. A few people think it’s weird, even revolting, but many find it interesting, and are open to the idea of a giantess / shrunken man having [sexual] appeal.

2. Even among ourselves we have those that think a few areas of preference are off the wall. The pantyhose faction might playfully put down the bare-leg weirdos guys; :) the giantess people get to arguing with the shrinking lobby; sometimes it’s the enraged loners against the feet people (“Feet are not giantess! Grr!”); etc.

3. There are those of us that like well defined scenarios, and plenty of us that enjoy many things. There’s a huge difference between what we like, and what knocks our socks off. Example: I like giantess-in-the-city collages. They are nice, but they don’t rock my boat. I can appreciate the effort they take to produce, but what really gets my attention is collages that clearly show interaction between a man and a much taller woman.

4. The exception to that is shrunken-man collages such as the one above. To get what I mean, one simply has to recognize how they feel about collages that show ladies in an environment that’s much smaller than them. That’s how I feel about collages that show men in an environment that looms over them at every turn.

5. That was a whole lot of words to say something that isn’t related to collages, but that I like to show in them: There’s that little guy, shrunken by an act of nature or by the science of a woman that has to have him very tiny, and this little guy lives a life, goes through actions surrounded by this woman. Or women, whatever works for ya.

6. Every once in a while the woman that keeps and protects him gets into a playful mood, one that includes serious teasing, that belittles him in every way, that makes him feel he’s been demoted from man down to insignificant toy. You’d think he’d hate it, but everything that happens to him makes him love it.

7. I understand that might sound crazy… heck, sometimes it even sounds crazy to me, but I love my fantasies, and it only makes me smile that there are many of us “wired” this way, to find such a burning appeal in imaginary beings of different sizes.

8. So, what do you think?

2 thoughts on “Toy or no toy? That is the question.

Add yours

  1. Boy, do you hit the mark on me. Everything you describe in your eight points makes me horny just thinking about it. I would love to be a toy for some sexy woman. Her play thing to do with as she pleases. That is MY fantasy.


  2. Thank you ken! It’s always nice to find agreement in things of the mind. These fantasies can be so particularly detailed, intricate from beginning to end, after all.


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