Her Property

It’s Saturday, so that means…


Anything she wants is her property.
Anything she wants is her property.

A few months into collecting images from the Internet I realized I should keep track of the places I raid for material. The easiest way to do that was to name the images using the web address where I found them, so I’m able to mention I got the fabulous background at Flickr. I prefer photos clearly marked as content I can modify or build upon, like the one above.

This collage is one of those I’ve mentioned that has a giantess in it. She’s not alone with a bunch of buildings, though. I couldn’t have collaged something like that. There are people around her, people used to giantesses it seems, because they don’t run or cower, or deviate from their usual traffic routine… but they all know who’s in charge.

She’s a nice gal, a good woman that helps them from time to time: When there are riots, she breaks them up; when someone’s roof caves in, she fishes him out as easily as she would a toy; when there’s a storm she blows it out; when it’s hot she makes wind… I could go on and on. The point is, they need her, and they know it.

So what if one day she captures one of their own for indistinct purposes?

So what if while she seems to be out on one of her lovely walks, she bends low and closes her hand around that one unsuspecting little guy she’s been secretly looking for?

He may or may not be seen again, but who’s gonna stop her?

Good luck with that.

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