Tiny Coworker

gts019 by Micronaut
“gts019” by Micronaut

It’s clear some of us think of this, because some of you collage about it. Some of my collage material includes elements to create scenarios where a tiny coworker or a gigantic lady boss is present, and I will probably get around to completing them before the first woman is elected president, if I’m still spending any time at all creating these images.

I always think I won’t be “come next year”, but we’ll see. What I’m sure of is that my imagination predated finding these images, which have to do with the first scenario, with the little guy working alongside a normal-sized woman. The first one I ever spotted was gts019 by Micronaut, who probably still posts his images at Giantess City.

As I mentioned, I had already thought of situations that would throw a normal-sized woman in the minuscule path of a shrunken coworker. I even had a dream about it.

Dictating His Secretary by Ktantan
“Dictating His Secretary” by Ktantan

I found the Micronaut collage over a year after I had that dream, and longer after I started thinking of all manner of wonderful office-based scenarios, many of them. And every single one of them has the same foundation: one man meets one woman, and she meets him right back, and serious hotness ensues.

In my monogamous visions, there are sometimes elements of ridiculousness, such as his working in the same environment as his relatively giant counterparts. Everyone has a cubicle of the same size, but his is the only one that seems empty, because all that can be found at the center of it is a tiny desk, diminutive filing cabinets, and the smallest of office chairs.

I think of how he feels every day, wearing his suit, carrying his suitcase, his intellect as equal or superior to those around him… but he has to suffer the indignity of enormous feet pounding the floor and disturbing his work, disrupting the power to his shrunken desktop computer (a Mac Micro, of course) when he’s in the middle of typing up an important report… and he gets angry at these disruptions, except when they come from her.

gts028 by Micronaut
“gts028” by Micronaut

Because when she stands over him and asks him about memo A, or comments on project B, major hotness ensues.

I can also see him as the boss, and ooh, how delicious it is for her to be his personal assistant, and take every opportunity she can to flirt with him, to take his mind off work, to make him drop his pen and jaw (and possibly some articles of clothing), and that’s what would happen in the sequence I imagine follows Micronaut’s collage. Little boss carries that box all the way off the paper’s surface, but then, when he reaches her knee, he realizes he’s staring up at her most indecorously… and if he doesn’t take care, she’ll notice. He looks up at her—his little neck straining after all that arduous lifting—and finds out she already knows what he’s thinking about.

Extreme hotness ensues.

rlddetention by RLD
“rld_detention” by RLD

He could be her Personal Desk Assistant, in charge of sharpening her pencils, organizing her drawers, typing up punctuation marks on her keyboard (she only types with three fingers, and saves them for letters), applying Wite-Out, giving her loving massages after particularly difficult work days… it’s a big job, but he can do it, and she loves to watch him try. And every time he does his job well, you know what happens. Yep.

Maximum hotness ensues.

This last collage by RLD isn’t exactly office themed, but I threw it in the pile because it could be interpreted so. She holds her little assistant in her hand, and he hasn’t been very effective lately, and boy he’ll be hearing from his tall boss now… the type of thing that’s always the prelude of some sort of hotness ensuing.

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