Tender Leg Hug

Mini Tender Leg Hug
Click on image for full-sized collage.

Thank goodness for sepia layer styles to the rescue.

Male flesh alert. If you are allergic to male flesh, please take appropriate antihistamines, wear eye shields, have your fainting powders at hand, and so on.

* * *

Don’t go

I will do anything

I will be smaller

Do you feel how small I am?

I can be smaller

My arms can still wrap around your leg

My hands can still cup your soft heels

My mouth can still kiss yours without a gap

But you swallow my soul

Now swallow me whole

I will be smaller

Do you hear how sad I am?

I can be sadder

If you get up and leave me here

If you get dressed and leave me cold

If you walk out into the sun

Mine will die there

In the steps you take where

I can’t follow

I will be smaller

Do you know what you have done?

You can know more

You have transformed me, made me new

You have awakened me, opened my eyes

You have made me live when I wanted to die

Do not leave me alone

To breathe and let out a single moan

My heart is hollow

But if I promise

I will be smaller

Will you stay

Will you love me

Will you warm me with your smile

Will you feed me with your voice

Will you kiss me with your skin

Will you wrap me in your hair

Will you save me with your heart

Then swallow me whole

So you can never leave

I will be smaller

5 thoughts on “Tender Leg Hug

Add yours

  1. I’m kind of allergic to male flesh when it’s touching me, but when it’s in a beautifully collaged image with a (relatively-speaking) twelve foot tall woman, it’s sort of nice, no?


    I’ll never understand people.


  2. Oh, I agree. People are so strange.

    I’m glad I’m perfectly normal, and that I only like normal things, such as those I share through this blog. :D

    Seriously, I created a poll at GDC about this very thing on man flesh, and it seems only 15% of our kind care about when it shows. A full 50% don’t mind one way or the other, so… good going, half of the giantess-and-shrunken-man community!


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