Happy Hallow's Eve Eve!


A year ago there was a Halloween image contest at the website I’m always mentioning. All the entries were displayed on rotation on the board’s login page as contest participants uploaded them to the image gallery.

Because they had to fit the formatting of the page, our entries had to measure 400×400 pixels, and those are the ones at the top of this entry.

The original collages were usually larger, and we were able to upload them to the gallery as well. Those are the ones to the left of my words.

Since early childhood, I’ve been a great fan of the horror genre, and while some people refuse to mix their giantess thoughts with any other fiction inclination they also have, I don’t. I like to mix and match my ideas, even those that by birthright aren’t “sexy”.

Haunting Giantess is the sort of image I always wanted to work on, but lack of material made it very difficult to do so. That’s the real Dracula castle, and I couldn’t help using it even though the giantess is a ghost and not a vampire.

His struggles will be to no avail.
His struggles will be to no avail.

I’m not sure anyone in the community has written ghost stories where the main character is the roaming, inescapable spirit of a giantess, but I do know it’s not a new idea.

Back in my board visiting days, we discussed giantess zombies and their attacks, and there are those Grildrig stories starring the undead. I was clever enough to save one before Pete’s place went belly up, although my guess is that it’s posted at the City as well.

Mauvaise Lettres: Can’t Be Choosers by Scott Grildrig

So you see, some of us get a kick out of picturing these monsters in our heads. My Little Vampire collage is about the blood-sucking little guy I’ve imagined many times, one that thinks he has power to surpass any woman on Earth’s, but eventually he’s proven wrong by the one lady that happens to laugh at his tickling bites, and smirk at his look-into-my-eyes stance, which he thought would make her pliant and still.

No suck luck, tiny man.

I dont think hed mind a little giant nibble
I don’t think he’d mind a little giant nibble.

The other side of that coin is the giantess vampire in Red Lips, and her powers of persuasion always work. There is nothing terrifying about her, but that’s only the opinion of the man trapped in her grip.

He knows she wouldn’t really sink her teeth into him… not too much. Just a bit, and it’s only the sort of pressure dominant cats use on their subordinates’ necks.

I don’t think he’d lean his head back that way if he thought anything sharp was headed his way.

Did I win the image contest? Yes, of course I did, but there was a terrible mix-up and the award and points were delivered to some other GDC member, I can’t remember his name now, but he had a really dhark syde to him. It was clear to me that he hired ILM to create his collage. Some people.

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  1. It is my random belief that 50% of shrinking / giantess fans are musicians. Never mind that I don’t fit the hole for that pigeon, but does it count that I love to peel walls with my singing? Yes, of course it counts. Anyone that thinks it doesn’t count is welcome to lodge a complain with the sole of my shoe.


  2. hi, I am really interested in the vampire girl halloween art. im interested in the artist and the woman that posed for the potrait do you know where I can find the original participants. :) sorry about my english I have been over seas for so long lol


    1. Hi ramza2145. I wish I could tell you where I found the source material of that collage, but that information is buried in my backup drive at the moment. I don’t have access to it, but when I do, I’ll dig that up for you. Thanks for the comment! :)


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