Shrunken men and shoes

Today is the last day of November, and for many thousands of people, the last day they get to upload a word count at As I mentioned before, this year I didn't have the time to write 50,000 words, but I've been thinking about it and missing the thrill. The above is my word... Continue Reading →


It’s still Saturday, so that means… RANDOM COLLAGE TIME! Two years after posting this collage I don't have very much to say about this topic as I once did, and communicating anything about it will not reveal anything new. We all know punishing a tiny man or normal -sized people always amounts to foreplay; whatever... Continue Reading →

La Moto

Repost from me olde blog. Motorcycles are in my blood. My father and uncles have owned and loved them, and consequently so do some of my brothers. Women in my family, not so much, unless I count that scooter my cousin rode for a while. I'd like to think my love for motorcycles is in... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I wrote a slightly different version of this poem three holiday seasons ago, and posted it at, on a Happy Thanksgiving! thread. I remember laughing a great deal when I wrote it. I enjoyed coming up with images such as these that include members of the board I visited spending holidays together in a... Continue Reading →

Monsters vs. Aliens

Last night I popped Kung Fu Panda into my DVD player, and of course trailers precede the movie, and there I was, sitting quietly getting ready to watch something fun, getting into the holiday season, plotting delicious things to cook the following evening, and WAMMO-KABLAM-SHAZAM-SKADOOSHHHH I see a trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens. Actually, the... Continue Reading →

Faking more stuff…

Years ago I decided to play a word game at my old blog. There were rules, and basically it amounted to using any excuse to write about giantesses and shrunken men. I played it with another GDC blogger who goes by Little Squid around these parts, and I'd give him two words, daring him to... Continue Reading →

The Dollhouse

It's the perfect place for a little man. The best design has a balcony perfect for romantic visits and chats, or a favorite window for the same purpose. So many times I've pictured myself kneeling by that little home, carefully so I don't accidentally bump into it and send it sliding backwards and hitting the... Continue Reading →

Giantess Turkey Revenge

Except it does. The above was my entry for a image contest titled "Holiday Giantess" that took place two years ago. Yes, of course I'm joking. But it is what I imagined back in 2006 is what happens when you give a turkey costume to a giantess that also happens to be an animal... Continue Reading →

Piano Keys

Once upon a time I knew that collaging meant I would find a way to include my love of music in the images I'd create. From the moment I started having these fantasies, I've dreamed of a tiny man that loved music as much as I did, perhaps more, because he could play an instrument... Continue Reading →

Red Fishnets

It’s Saturday, so that means… RANDOM COLLAGE TIME! For this collage I had to create shadows that gave dimension to the shrunken man lying on the woman's calf, and implemented my new awareness that shadows are not always gray to black. Skin always reflects and bounces off surfaces in reds and pinks and many other... Continue Reading →

Concealed carry, or high capacity?

I'm dying to buy my first gun. Dying. So I've been reading about a few pistols here and there, knowing it will be a while before I have enough extra money to spend on antiquities such as WWII Russian rifles like the Mosin-Nagant with scope, the type used to nix some of them Nazi pests... Continue Reading →

In My Heart

Something I collaged for Valentine's Day of the year 2007. I have a hard time believing it's been nearly two years. In some ways it seems less, and in other it feels as though much more time has passed between then and now. I wanted to create something that would show my perspective when looking... Continue Reading →

Sweet Little Toy Man

I was over at Facebook doing that hideous socializing thing, and then I came here to work on this entry, and there's a mental shift I do in my head. There's normal me, messaging my cousins and my mother, and there's the Undersquid part of me, the one that knows they will never see this side of... Continue Reading →

The Copacetic Cricket-Crush Connection

One night a few years ago I went down the front steps of my house, a trash bag in hand, my purpose to deposit it in the large bin where it's collected every Wednesday morning. I was wearing sandals and walking along the sidewalk, only a few feet away from the bin. I placed the... Continue Reading →

Weapons of mini destruction

I posted this at my old blog last year, so the "yesterday" I refer to below took place in June 2007. Original video found here. I don't often visit the ONION (America's Finest News Source), but yesterday I spotted the above as I was looking for another fake article. The idea of nuclear explosions isn't... Continue Reading →

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