Closely Knit

It’s Saturday, so that means…


Hes so small he only manages to hug her foot.
He’s so small he only manages to hug her foot.

This collage was “almost done” for a long time, at least a year, and not because I don’t love the subject matter. One of my favorite elements in collages is feet. Giantess feet because I can relate to them, picture mine in their place, especially when they are sporting fabulous shoes; and tiny manly feet because I like to imagine them attached to one little man in particular.

Wow. I just sat here for about twelve minutes thinking of what to type next about the pitter-pattering feet of a shrunken man, but every sentence I began in my mind is quite inappropriate.

In any case, if we as a community were to be divided into different groups because of our tastes, I could join a number of them. Handheld, dollhouses, giantess, shrunken man, gentle, mischievous, soft vore, etc., and most certainly the feet group.

There are those few members of the community that contend that feet don’t have anything to do with giantess, and I wonder if they are out of their gourd. A giantess will always have feet (unless one likes the whole stump thing, and if one does, I don’t want to know), and a giantess fantasizer will focus on whatever part of that giant body he prefers.

As a shrunken man fantasizer, I sure as hell focus on the interaction between a squirt of a man and the nearest part he can reach of his beloved tall lady’s body: her feet. The above collage is about that. And now I’m off to morning chores. Whee!

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