Second Base

And it’s only their first date.

And he’s not even wearing pants!

Nor is she!

What’s the world coming to?

Ah, young people and their fashions.

I thought this collage would take me longer to churn out, since I didn’t have one complete shrunken man element. I had to fashion him from three different images and various body parts I had to frankenstein together. Even then I had to use the clone and brush tools to come up with the abdomen section.

I also pasted different eyes on her because realistically, if a shrunken man is thus engaged, the object of his ministrations* ain’t gonna be looking at no danged camera. She needed to look down somewhere, they way people do when they are seriously distracted.

And I was seriously distracted while working on this image, otherwise I wouldn’t have left that white label on the sole of her shoe. I even edited it out on the background layer so as to paste that section on a later layer, then I forgot all about it when tweaking the last shadows. Curse you, shadows that don’t exist!

Coming up with this sort of collages has brought an appreciation for the half-sized shrunken man that I didn’t feel before. One could also see him as normal sized while she’s the twelve-foot-tall giantess, but to me it’s all the same and equally good.

*That word, albeit overused by community writers, is quite perfect because it begins with “mini”.

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