A welcome one.

Every once in a while I think that the alternate Undersquid that lives in a world of shrunken men and normal-sized women owns a strip club where tiny men dance on tabletops for the ladies in the audience.

But the owner of the club likes to watch this one dancer alone, and not because he makes her laugh with the silly ’70s tunes to which he chooses to disrobe. I’d tell you his stage name, but there’s no reason to do so, as he’s not available. He only dances for the owner.


4 thoughts on “Distraction

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  1. Thank you, trinket.

    I heard the song by BTO on the radio days before I finished this collage, and I knew it would be the tune accompanying it. It’s so silly and upbeat, and just the right sort of rhythm I imagine for such a scenario.

    It somehow made it easier for me to complete the collage, which I also really like as a favorite (like so many) vision of another world.

    That lucky alternate-universe Undersquid!


  2. I’m glad someone else – especially a woman – thought of this! I have the same fantasy, but in a different regard. My owner takes me out of her purse or desk at work and has me dance for her on her desk during lunch. She holds up a pencil or pen which I use as a dance pole!


  3. Hi Lem,

    Your take on the scenario is equally wonderful. With such fulfilling lunches I bet the world’s productivity would soar across the board. That or it would all go to hell because of overextended lunch breaks.


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