In Her Shoe

It’s Saturday, so that means…


A big place to fill for someone his size.
A big place to fill for someone his size.

I think I posted a similar image last Saturday, so maybe this one is not so random.

Oh, well.

I started working on this collage on Sunday, December 17th, 2006. No, it isn’t that it has taken me a long time to finish it. The way I work on my collages, I start one, then another, then a new one, until I have many (I’m not going to reveal exactly how many) incomplete ones.

Every once in a while I stumble upon the folder of a collage I’ve started, and I’ll spend a few minutes on it (or a half hour, or longer, depending on time availability), and then drop it like a hot potato again. This process has been going on for a year for some images, for others much longer, and for a handful far less.

That was a fascinating explanation about nothing at all.

I love the shrunken-man-relates-to-feet theme. Yeah, yeah, it could be a regular-sized man pleasantly trapped in a giant shoe, unless one is a weirdo that thinks giantesses can’t possibly have enormous shoes, or normal men never happen to be naked.

Those people that think that way are freaks. :P

But thinking of stashing a shrunken man in my shoe and thinking he loves it there is not freaky at all, no-huh.

Have a nice weekend!

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