Click on image for pixel-free collage.

Today is International Giantess Day, in case you didn’t know. I’m celebrating it in various ways, and posting this collage is one of them.

I’m sure you are prepared, but during International Giantess Day you must have in your home ten gallons of nail polish and a barrel of lipstick of the same color, because if you get visited by a giantess, you must be prepared for the time-honored beautification rituals that are expected of mere mortals little people of your kind.

If you happen to be married to a giantess you don’t need me to mention the above, as you know your home will be skipped by other giantesses when they perceive it as marked territory (our olfactory sense is so keenly developed), but you will still need to roast the customary hundred wild hogs (or tofurkeys if your huge wife doesn’t fulfill her massive protein requirements with the flesh of creatures with faces), bake the cake from which you will pop out wearing the traditional mushroom, and sing the Giantess Anthem at the top of your lungs while standing on your front lawn.

If you don’t know the words of the Giantess Anthem… then boy are you in BIG trouble, similar to the sort depicted in the collage above.

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