Gcode and his Lie

15-Amazed by Gcode
“15-Amazed” by Gcode

“Lie” is Gcode’s 34th collage. I like collaging and looking at collages, but every once in a while I see an image—mine or otherwise— that makes a scene explode into my mind, and in the best of scenarios, that scene becomes a story. I don’t have a large collection of collages, but the ones I’ve collected tend to be a window to an imaginary event that unfolds in my head, sometimes instantly. Those events are part of the reason for this blog.

Gcode is one of my favorite collagers. The elements he chooses for his images, the ways he puts them together often have a way of ending up in my head as a story. I’m not sure Gcode is still collaging, but many of his works can be found at Giantess City. I first saw the quality of his images at Pete’s place, where I found “Amazed”.

I was, indeed. After all those months of visiting boards, after all those collages that didn’t really do anything for me, here was an image that hit me just right, that was exactly the sort of thing I wanted to see more of. I’d have to say “Amazed” awakened the collager in me and sent me in the direction of Photoshop more than any other work at that time.

I love it. Seeing such great focus on the shrunken man; a great deal of care in cutting and blending; awesome edit work of light and color; the excellent combination of elements (that gorgeous sandal!)… it was new to me and just my cup of tea, so I started looking for his uploads.

34-Lie by Gcode
“34-Lie” by Gcode

When Gcode shared this image at Giantess City, a few members of the community wondered who was doing the lying. When he responded in a thread, he mentioned he had created the collage as an acknowledgment to one of pintsize’s stories, A Truly Small Life. When I saw the collage, I thought of a much different setting, and I posted this at my old blog a long time ago, back when I was way fonder of the ellipsis.

I imagined the lady had entered a very exclusive store, the kind of place that can only be found in a world where people of reduced size find themselves caught like little animals, and sold to be used by those of comparatively immense size.

She went in looking for something very special for that night, or maybe even a little toy that would last the entire weekend. As it a normal occurrence when a woman enters a place filled with tiny men, many of them—the ones that don’t know what awaits them—clamor for her attention, desperate to be chosen and plucked from a life of loneliness and abuse, hoping that where they are taken they will be treated with some respect… or maybe they imagine being bought will afford them a chance to escape to those nooks and crannies where sewer rats live, to places where that giant light doesn’t reach, to freedom.

So she strides slowly, her heels sending shock waves up all those glass cages where the little ones sit or stand in display… she looks at them, considering her needs and rejecting one after another. The store owner, a man with unkind hands that have terminated many men that didn’t “sell well”, follows her greedily with his eyes, and asks her if he can be of any assistance. She ignores him, partly because she’s lost in thought of her plans for the night, and also because women like her feel above answering questions by men of his kind.

She moves to a different section of the store, where the tiny ones are caged individually. Ah! This is more to her taste… these are clearly superior specimens, bred to please the eyes and body of a woman, grown to live longer than one night. She stops her gaze on one particular model, a delightfully shaped man that happens to think she might be his only way out of slavery, and death. So he positions himself next to the glass in a way that causes the latter to make certain parts of him seem… bigger. Anything to catch her attention just a tad longer than any of the other little guys is to his advantage.

It works. She gasps, and comes closer. His trick doesn’t work for long, of course. She easily discovers his true girth once she lifts him for a closer look after giving the store owner a significant look… but it’s alright. She wants him. His body is the right size, after all.

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  1. I really enjoy how you relate these encounters with images and ideas—some originally created for size fantasists and others not at all—and then tell us where your imagination takes off to. A single word describes this act of imaginative transformation, and it occurs to me that this word also captures almost everything I would want from a new life as a shrunken man.

    That word is “repurposed.”

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