I imagine she will pluck those leaves off his little boy one by one.
I imagine Buffy (the shrunken-man-layer)  will pluck those leaves off his little body, one by one.

I began collaging this image over eighteen months ago, for last year’s beginning of the holiday season. I poked at it every now and then and now it’s finally done, just as the leaves on my neighborhood’s trees pile on the ground, making these few days this week the only ones I’d feel safe playing with them.

I love those bright colors.
I love those bright colors. I took this photo from my kitchen window.

After it drizzles or too much time passes, you never know what crawls into those colorful piles to die. I’ve read the pertinent Stephen King stories, and I know of at least one person that grabbed a pile of leaves to toss in the air and ended up holding a maggoty squirrel.

And with that lovely thought I dedicate this entry to all the little guys that wear a little leaf because there are no clothes small enough for them, and to all the giantesses that are forced to wear trees because there are no clothes large enough for them. Those ladies are in trouble now, but not as much trouble as when all the leaves have fallen.

No, of course they are not in any distress. Do you imagine I’d feel upset at losing my clothing when I’m hundreds or thousands of feet tall? I’d spend exactly zero of your seconds thinking about it as I make this Earth my playground.

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