I don't care if you are gay.

"G030" by angel

I had a disturbing conversation with a family member yesterday. It came to pass that the homosexuality of one of my brothers was unveiled (with an accompanying slur), and it was done in a way that made me think an adverse response was expected of me.

There wasn’t one.

In fact, the amount of brothers I have, has in the past provoked me to wonder if at least one of them is gay. I have many brothers. I need more than the fingers of one hand to count them all, and I love them all with a fierce sense of protectiveness, so it pisses me off that a relative of mine is inclined to negative feelings on that front.

Anyway, it didn’t come to blows, or even shouts. The subject was dropped as soon as my lack of homophobia was emphatically announced. I’m concerned about my brother’s emotional state, but he has my unconditional love and support.

0_0 by mosquito
"0_0" by mosquito

On a far less personal level… in fact not personal at all, I’m aware that giantess fans aren’t always attracted to women alone.

I don’t care.

I wasn’t raised to be tolerant of homosexuality / bisexuality, but it never dawned on me to absorb my parents’ inculcations on the matter.

If two women love each other, then I hope they will have all the sex and marriage and happiness they can possibly muster. If two men do the same, I wish the same for them.

That’s all I have to say.

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