The Incredible Shrinking Man

Whats with the expression of deep concern
What’s with the expression of deep concern?

I think her facial expression should convey deep horn. In her fictional place I’d be adopting all manner of happy looks.

What concerns me (not really) is that I’ve never watched this movie. I’ve never even gone to any movie rental place to see if it’s available, because I feel it should be behind some curtain, in a dark room lit by a red light bulb; and despite the fact that logic dictates I shouldn’t think the rental store employee will know I’m one of those people if I rent it.

Louise and the dollhouse
Nnggaaahhh… doll house porn.

I might, one day, if Netflix has it when (and if) I decide to subscribe again. The last few times I checked before I closed my account, it wasn’t available. Otherwise it would have already put the lotion in the basket many, many times.

I did find an autographed hardcover copy of the book by Richard Matheson, but I purchased it as a birthday present, so I didn’t read it.

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  1. I have a paperback copy that I was lucky to find in a used bookstore. The book is better than the movie because the movie is from 1957 so certain “Lolita-like” themes that are in the book could not have been put in the film at that time.
    The movie, while very good actually, does not have much interaction with Scott and his wife Louise. Just at that point when it would be the payoff for you and me is the turning point in the film in which she is basically gone from the rest of the movie except for a scene later in which Scott is so tiny (under an inch) that Louise can’t hear him scream out for her. Still, it’s a good movie and should be seen anyway.

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    1. This is great! Thank you, Jean. I’m in the middle of reading the book for the first time in my life, so I’m not going to read your other comment, to make sure I avoid spoilers. Despite the age of the movie and the subject matter, I have no clear idea of how it ends, or even of much of what happens in the story. I’ll read and answer it when I’m done reading the book. :)


      1. If you are reading the book, you know then that it is told in a nonlinear time frame. The movie is strictly linear.

        Is the book you are reading digital or a hardcopy?


    1. Nope, this week has been really bad for reading, writing, and arithmetic. It’s a real book a friend let me borrow. I don’t yet own an ereader, but I’m looking into the Kindle Oasis. I’ve always been the type to want to hold a real book in my hands, but the fact that I own hundreds and hundreds of books and feel it’s time to lighten the load of things I own has led me to think it’s the right moment to get with the times.


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