I See You

And there is no point in running...
And there is no point in running…

April 2007, that’s when I started working on this collage. I finished it a couple of months later, and after all this time and slight modifications, I keep thinking of the same story behind it.

It’s a story about a man, nothing blatantly special about him to the naked eye, but that’s not the case. The main characters in the tales my head tells me tend to seem initially common as many of us are in finding themselves appreciated by very few people, befriended by less, and truly known by no one.

In my stories, my characters have the immense fortune of being seen for what they really are, and the person doing the seeing is a giantess or a shrunken man.

Alright, sometimes my characters just have hot multisize carnal knowledge, but that’s not what’s happening in my collage.

Not yet.

She sees him, because none of her giant lovers will do. She picks him because she prefers his tiny size, and when she looks into his widened eyes, she knows he prefers her above all the women in his world.

Or maybe his pants are telling her that, because articles of clothing can be quite outspoken.

She emerges from behind that building bent low at the waist because she was hiding behind it, playing some giant version of peekaboo, and she fixes her gaze on him all the way down there as he steps out for a walk, and can anyone blame her if she gets overly excited and squeezes the side of the building into crumbs when she first speaks to him?

He wishes he could squeeze something too.

Like a stress ball or a teddy bear. What else could I possibly mean?

“I see you,” she says, and as her voice sends a shiver across that building’s facade, glass ripples and cement lifts off in a small cloud much slower that the larger pieces that fall to the ground, hitting the sidewalk and smashing parked car windows.

And they live happily ever after.

Except for the times the city sends him repair bills.

But he never pays a single penny.

You try collecting money from someone married to a giantess.

Good luck. I hope your affairs are in order.

5 thoughts on “I See You

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  1. I love the way you come up with interesting POVs, putting the viewer in the “shrunken man’s” view, so to speak. This collage, while different in tone, reminds me of another one of yours, with Hugh Jackman and an artfully out-of-focus Liv Tyler (that is Liv Tyler right?). While the other one is warm and playful, this one has a sense of menace, a little bit. Both, however, hit their notes just right.

    If I ever get inspired to start making abdomen-height collages, you’ll know where I got the inspiration from. :D


  2. Thank you trinket. I thought about the feeling for this collage when I created it, and the building damage and the carrion birds were added at the last minute. I wanted to add an element of threat that was less that forward.

    When I was a teen I used to go up to my building’s roof to work on my tan, and after lying on my towel for a while, I would begin to see birds hundreds, maybe thousands of feet above me, beginning to circle the air to see if I was a meal in the works.

    It always diverted me to no end that after being very still (therefore calling their attention), all I needed to do was move a finger slightly, and they would move on. I remembered that when I was working on this collage.

    While the man in the collage is moving, I imagine that in some dimension where giantesses exists, carrion birds know to follow them because those tall ladies leave a trail of good eats.

    The lady in the Hugh Jackman collage is in the House TV series I think… oh, you are gonna make me look. Olivia Wilde is her name.

    Trinket-made abdomen-height collages would be terrific!


  3. Oh my gosh~this is such fascinating stuff! I’ve always had a “giantess fantasy” but I did’nt think women has one also. I look at giantess fetish sites but your blog is so much more interesting:its not juvenile or vulgar for a change. Anyways, I’m really happy I found your site & I hope to learn something about myself from it. This is all so interesting!


  4. Hi jon,

    Oh indeed, women have giantess fantasies! Though I classify myself more as a woman having shrunken men fantasies. :) Thank you for the nice comment. I hope to be juvenile and vulgar at least every once in a while, just for fun.


    1. Okedoke , I’ll look for you to be juvenile & vulgar sometime soon!haha Anyways, I love your blog & you can shrink me down & keep me in your shirtpocket anytime!


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