Weapons of mini destruction

I posted this at my old blog last year, so the “yesterday” I refer to below took place in June 2007.

Original video found here.

I don’t often visit the ONION (America’s Finest News Source), but yesterday I spotted the above as I was looking for another fake article.

The idea of nuclear explosions isn’t an amusing one, but the video made me smile, and gave all manner of inspiring ideas…

I can see a giant giving his beloved giantess an engagement ring that instead of a diamond it carries in its prongs a constantly recurring nuclear explosion. How big is that!

I can picture a giantess waltzing her way around a planet, and in retaliation for her destructive steps and actions its inhabitants attack her with nuclear bombs, only to watch her laugh as the detonations tickle her skin.

The idea of tiny people arming themselves reminds me of all those thoughts I’ve had on a Little vs. Giant people war of epic proportions. The giants defeat the normal-sized specks and there are no winners in such a situation, but in my way of thinking it makes for a good story.

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