Sweet Little Toy Man

Sweet Little Toy Man - small
He is sweet and he is a toy.

I was over at Facebook doing that hideous socializing thing, and then I came here to work on this entry, and there’s a mental shift I do in my head. There’s normal me, messaging my cousins and my mother, and there’s the Undersquid part of me, the one that knows they will never see this side of me, and it seems as though it shouldn’t be that we can hide parts of ourselves so well.

I’ve seen photos of people in the community (before Giantess.com closed a few members uploaded their photos as their avatars—apparently we are all devastatingly beautiful and not globs dwelling in our parents’ basements), and this is such a deeply entrenched facet of mine that I amuse myself thinking we should be able to sniff each other out in crowded places just by looking at each other’s faces.


Last year there was a “Pantyhose” Theme Month at GDC, and I almost didn’t upload Sweet_Little_Toy_Man.jpg for a mountain of theme-related extra points because it wasn’t in my “Pantyhose” folder. I had placed it in my “Touching” folder (I kept my material filed according to subject matter of intended use back then), and out of sight, out of mind. I stumbled upon it by chance.

I had a blast with it, since collaging is quite wonderful an activity for me, and I love to bring my thoughts to life in this manner. Someday I’ll get sick of it, but not yet. It’s probably a huge waste of my time as well, but try saying that to my face.

He came from a black-and-white image, so I had to give him color. Colorize and Hue and Saturation took care of the initial process, and then I played with the light levels to change the brightness and dark sections of his skin. Always a feathered selection for that, of course. Values from 4-8 were most helpful on that respect. Blah blah blah, who cares.

(I do, a little bit.)

Their body language is perfect. The way she reaches down to touch him, her eyes half closed, her hand wrapping around his abdomen, and—as I imagine it—moving lower to the rhythm of his undulating body as her thumb brushes his chest hair from side to side. Oh, the story my mind tells me about that….

This time I worked on the shadows before I did the reflections (duh, the opposite is stupid, if the original tones change the tones of the reflection as well… but hey, I’ve done that in the past), and for the latter I fixed the feet first (meaning I selected the section of feet to copy/paste as a new layer, and then flip vertically and adjust to use as reflections), and copy/pasted a section of floor as a new layer which I then partially erased to show the feet underneath. That changed their color and gave me some texture to work with. I applied two grain filters, shadows as expected from the contact between feet and floor, and that was that.

My favorite shadow is the one I put on her face. It tells me his face is close, touching hers, his forehead sinking gently into the concave curve where the bridge of her nose meets her much larger forehead, his breath fanning her soft brown hair, his own short tuft tickling the tip of her nose, and both their scents coming together to form one.

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  1. I came to your blog from looking-glass world and I’d like to say that your work is awesome. I feel as if the quality on a lot of the collages I see on other sites have fallen dramatically, perhaps due to lack of comments. But from the moment I looked at the first of your work I was blown away. Please continue, I’ll be eagerly awaiting your future work.


  2. Hi! I like the immediacy of this image, there’s a certain hyper-reality to it. I’m not a fan of pantyhose, but that’s a personal thing, and doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of this collage and imagining myself in there.

    I also like your detailed technical explanations of how you got the image to where you wanted it. Maybe it would be a cool idea one day to show the evolution of a collage from its original source material to the final product. Or maybe that would somehow take away from its magic.


  3. dglor: Thank you, and I look forward to posting plenty of future work, as well as some past work.

    I feel the same about some collages I saw when I used to visit giantess boards. It doesn’t surprise me that with the availability of image-altering software anyone can jump into the collage-making pool. That, to me, explains the “beginner” quality of many collages, and I honestly don’t have a problem with those types of works. Plenty of them show promise.

    What does surprise me is the attitude of a few collagers who expect feedback with every single thing they spit out, especially the sort that praises them to the skies. But I do feel those people are the minority. I have mixed feelings about open criticism and tearing those guys to pieces.

    On one hand, collages are free, mostly produced from elements lifted off the Internet, no one is paying us to come up with this stuff, therefore who cares if they are terrible?

    On the other hand, this is a hobby a few of us work hard to improve upon, not because we expect feedback or want to get paid. It’s just something we like to do. Feedback is just the delicious icing on the cake, but damn, we love that cake, and since we are the ones baking it, we add each ingredient with care, and we’ll do it even if no one comments on it.

    trinket: Ah… so you are one of ’em Antipantite people, eh? Very well. I will put your name on Our Blacklist. :lol:

    Well, ya know… I love the technical side of collaging, and the idea of posting the evolution of a collage has always intrigued me. I used to have this “series” in my old blog called Adventures In Collaging in which I’d get into that with some detail. I think I’ll bring it back for this blog some time soon.

    And thank you for the comment!


    Undersquid, Propantite Extraordinaire


  4. I was searching around for other images along this vein, and I found this and came here, and why wouldn’t I speak up?

    Some of my friends know about my sizist inclinations, but then I never talk about it and they forget, and when I bring it up again (if I do) it’s fresh and boggling all over again. I’m glad I don’t have to go through the elbowing, the raised eyebrows, the “eh? eh?” every time they spot a gigantic woman in an ad and leer at me like I’m supposed to start masturbating right there. Like they’d want to be a part of that. Honestly, if they gave it a moment of thought…

    I wish it were as easy as looking at someone’s pins or jacket or irises and knowing who the giantess on the bus is, rather than being consumed with whom I want her to be. I wish I could gesture with a little sign, walking fingers just above her thigh, to let her know I’m in the club.

    This is an amazing collage, especially after reading the work that went into it. I don’t understand what you’re saying, but I study it anyway just in case it sticks and comes in handy later.

    Her pose is so awkward, craning around like that, but if she’s that limber and in the mood… how fun would that be. She seems so happy and playful right now. I hope he’s showing off for her and not just trying to bolster his ego by focusing on his body-sculpting regimen. I have prejudices about guys who look like that, but then I have body issues too, so it balances out. But she’s delightful and I hope they have a lovely weekend together.

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  5. I mentioned this to one online friend, and I suppose he could tell everyone on my Facebook, but by now he’s forgotten. And he knows I know where he lives. I can’t believe I showed him my blog. But real-life, met-in-the-flesh friends? No. I could tell my very best friend, and she wouldn’t make a big deal. But I’d only tell her if I ever hit that sweet let’s-share-secrets spot, and we’re in the same place. This is not something I’m going to babble about on FaceTime.

    I was going to get this shirt, but I’d never want to wear it in public. And what if I die, and someone finds it in my belongings? But every once in a while I put it in my cart, and stare. I wish we had a secret handshake, or a secret eyebrow shake. Some way to know. But what if I did the secret salute, and someone responded, and s/he went on and on about how awesome crush or cruel vore is? Then we’d all have to come up with faction greetings.

    Thank you! It’s one of my favorite works, because of her pose. She has to do all that… no, she wants to do “all that” to come down to his level, and to show him she’s bent so low, she’s now upside down… and he still has to stretch himself up to kiss her lips. And yes, he shows off for her, and not for self. She keeps him in good health, after all. She’s the provider of his meals, his workouts, his home, the air he breathes, and the long life he’ll enjoy at her side.

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    1. Yes, exactly. He makes the little walky-gesture, she makes the fist-crush gesture, and he sits next to her on the bus. They pull out their ribbons and read the coded abbreviations on each other’s strips, scanning for points of crossover, and then they recite their favorite artists and writers. Half an hour later…

      I love that shirt, but something has to be done about those typefaces.

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