Concealed carry, or high capacity?

I’m dying to buy my first gun. Dying.

So I’ve been reading about a few pistols here and there, knowing it will be a while before I have enough extra money to spend on antiquities such as WWII Russian rifles like the Mosin-Nagant with scope, the type used to nix some of them Nazi pests by my hero Lyudmila Pavlichenko.

Number of confirmed kills 309
Number of confirmed kills: 309

But more on that some other time.

I can’t help but think that now is the best time to go out and get your high-capacity, high-caliber weapons, especially if the gun laws that passed in Chicago can now pass anywhere. Maybe. I don’t know. All I know is the tremendous stupidity of legislation that negates a person’s right to carry a concealed weapon in order to defend herself, while the bad guys—who are not going to follow a law simply because it passes—arm themselves with what they wish, by whatever means they have.

My top priority as far as home protection is to have the ability to defend my son if a home intruder or two happens to break in. Does having a high-capacity pistol help? Maybe not. Maybe I’ll be fine with a 6-round Glock, but I choose something that will allow me to shoot a higher number of bullets, something that will give me the feeling I can defend my child more effectively if I need to, something like the Springfield XDM.

Or I could choose the petite Walther PPS for my first gun, something I can take with me during walks, or to the park where bodies have been dropped and women have been raped, or anywhere my son and I visit. In any case, and whatever decision I make, the process is wonderful, and fun, and legislation free.

So far.

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  1. Just get a .12 gauge pump action, or under/over loader. or a .22 rifle with extended clip and iron sites are fine if you have tight clusters, and practice at the shooting range. No 9mm unless you want to only deal with unarmed intruders, get something like a magnum if you must, so an intruder knows not only not to hit your house himself, but to flag it for all his buddies. I also suggest you Keep it in a case disassembled; just in case.


  2. Agreed. I’ve since learned (not in practice) that the most effective way to deal with an intruder is a shotgun. The pistols are still a lovely choice for fun at the shooting range, no doubt. Thanks for the comment!


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