Red Fishnets

It’s Saturday, so that means…


Anywhere a shrunken man can be draped is a lovely place.
Anywhere a shrunken man can be draped is a lovely place.

For this collage I had to create shadows that gave dimension to the shrunken man lying on the woman’s calf, and implemented my new awareness that shadows are not always gray to black. Skin always reflects and bounces off surfaces in reds and pinks and many other colors, and using the drop shadow style can be helpful, but most of the time it’s useless or detrimental, since “dropped” shadows can’t be edited to change color.

So, I made his shadow a bit red, using the clone tool to copy sections of her shadows onto his, with some degree of transparency. Another thing I had to keep in mind is that shadows aren’t always exactly parallel with the limb or body that originates them. On a surface, a body’s different parts can create a tide of shadows that ebbs and flows, and the more I apply that, the more realistic I’m observing my shadows are becoming.

All that aside, I love his size. I remember I wanted to create a collage using the image of a lady that was not skin and bones, and when I found the background I thought it was perfect for that purpose. The background of someone who doesn’t starve herself for photo shoots, and at the same time not reaching a Jabba-the-Hutt shape where the poor little guy would get lost in the moldy folds of blubber… in other words, someone closer in curves to everyday women.

But back to his size, and to how adorable it is. I have a preference for two inches as the “perfect” height for a shrunken man, but I’m also able to enjoy all other sizes and their benefits. A doll-sized man can reach his keeper’s calf, maybe prefer it as a resting place if he’s not much of a foot fan… although at that height I’d rather think his preferences are predicated by hers.

There are many perfect man-as-a-pet sizes, and this is one of them.

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